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Hospitals are subject to strict governance and regulations. Audits and Inspection could be impacted by pest presence in your facility, so it's critically important that there is a zero-tolerance for pest & hygiene activity.

The hospitals industry is subject to the same pests as many other industries but the consequences of the smallest infestation are greater than most. Even in the toughest environments pests are determined to find shelter and food.

Pests & Hygiene can affect the hospitals through damage of buildings and product as well as cross contamination. The impact of Pests could be wide-ranging:

  • Loss of trust & serious health hazards
  • Medical complication & pest related infections
  • Contamination in pharmaceutical products
  • Costly damage to healthcare products
  • Revenue loss
  • Damage to your brand and reputation
  • You could be liable for claims for compensation
  • Possible legal action from public health authorities or regulatory bodies

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HiCare Services offers a range of 24/7 smart & digital pest control & Hygiene systems suitable for use in hospitals facilities. We tailor our pest control programmes to match the risk level of your premises allowing us to monitor, alert and eliminate pests.

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.