Pest Control Services for Retail Stores

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Once inside, pests pose serious health and safety threats with the potential to contaminate food, spread dangerous diseases, and cause extensive structural damage to a building. In order to mitigate these threats in an effective and timely manner, administration managers should work with a licensed pest management company such as HiCare Services to develop a comprehensive pest, cleaning & herbal disinfection management program consisting of preventive treatments, monitoring, regular inspections, and a set of procedures should the facility face an infestation.

Retail establishments often have similar concerns in terms of operating hours and access. That said, there are differentiating factors with retail, such as where products are made, stored, and transported from; amount of foot traffic through the building; and rate of product turnover.

As retail products may be delivered and transported from a variety of locations, the originating location for all products should be noted as it can factor into the types of pests that may threaten retail facilities. Foot traffic is also a huge concern—mainly for the transfer of pests, such as bed bugs. In fact, in the last few years, major retailers have experienced bed bug infestations, driving them into the national media and social media spotlight while also forcing them to close their doors temporarily to treat these problems.

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