Pest Control Services for Warehouse and Logistics

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Distribution centres act as Hubs for pest transmission. The high volumes of traffic from around the world and open warehouses offer easy access for pests to gain entry. This makes warehouses and storage spaces the perfect targets for pest species including; Roaches, Termites, Rodents and Bugs.

Warehouses storing foodstuffs are particularly vulnerable to infestation. The food industry faces a high risk of contamination and damage caused by rats. These rodents gnaw at seeds and grains leaving them unsuitable for human consumption. Further, the faeces and urine left by rats contaminate the food and make it harmful for use as it can cause severe health ailments. Even the food stored in packets and plastic are not safe as rats can easily gnaw the packets and poison the contents.

Apart from food, termites and rodents also cause damage to the warehouses by gnawing at papers, files, and wires. Gnawed, exposed wires can be a dangerous fire hazard, starting electrical fires and causing serious damage to the property and humans. Such infestations can completely ruin all the stored stock in warehouses leading to severe financial losses that ruin businesses

A few consequences of a pest infestation in the warehousing & logistics industry could be :

  • Termination of contracts leading to revenue losses
  • Prosecution for non-compliance with regulatory laws
  • Customer complaints
  • Increased costs for delayed treatments; and
  • Loss of customer trust.

Controlling heavy pest infestations can be a costly exercise, it is recommended to take frequent inspection of the warehouses at regular intervals. Any signs of infestation should be immediately addressed to prevent it from growing further.

To meet this special challenge, HiCare provides its highly trained professionals with a wealth of technical expertise. These experts have also been thoroughly trained to understand the unique needs of all areas in the warehousing and logistics industry. We offer range of 24/7 smart & digital pest control & Hygiene systems suitable for use in for logistic and warehouse facilities for pest management facilities. We are well equipped with tools and techniques to spot the source of infestation and destroy them. Thus, preventing the warehouse owners from bearing long-term losses.

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HiCare Services offers a range of 24/7 smart & digital pest control & Hygiene systems suitable for use in hospitals facilities. We tailor our pest control programmes to match the risk level of your premises allowing us to monitor, alert and eliminate pests.

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.