Pest Control Services for Restaurants

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Restaurants, fast food outlets, food retailers and food manufacturers all need adequate pest control & hygiene measures in place.

Pest control needs to be in place throughout the food chain – from the arrival and storage of raw ingredients, right through to waste disposal. All food premises will need to monitor their storage, processing areas, kitchens and equipment. Restaurants have to ensure that the public-facing areas of their businesses show high standards of hygiene to inspire confidence, and maintain a credible reputation.

The most worrying aspects of food premises pest control procedures are:

  • The possibility of contamination and the costly consequences of disposal and replacement
  • The possibility of claims or compensation from customers
  • The loss of reputation and public image

Pest Control in Restaurants and Food Premises Inadequate pest control procedures can lead to:

  • Contamination of raw materials
  • Lost revenue
  • Loss of talented staff
  • Possible fines and charges
  • Loss of trust within the community

Professional Pest Control in Restaurants and Food PremisesIt is often in the best interests of the business to employ the services of a professional pest control team like HiCare Services, who have legacy over 27 years, one stop solution for Pest, Cleaning & Herbal Disinfection service. Not only will we be able to provide professional and adequate pest management and prevention services, but are also best-placed to deal with any pest control problems immediately.

HiCare team will build a relationship with the business, enabling them to react quickly when problems arise, and also to develop a knowledge of the business and its particular risks and concerns, making it easier to prevent any pest issues arising.

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HiCare Services offers a range of 24/7 smart & digital pest control & Hygiene systems suitable for use in hospitals facilities. We tailor our pest control programmes to match the risk level of your premises allowing us to monitor, alert and eliminate pests.

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.