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No wonder we all tend to get scared at the sight of creepy crawlies like bed bugs. The tiny size of these nocturnal pests is often misleading, and therefore, we take them lightly thinking they won’t cause us any harm. Bed bug control is a must both for residential and commercial spaces. 

Unlike the common misconception, these bed bugs are not restricted only to your beds. They have the potential to survive in almost any environment. Bed bugs can be easily seen infesting commercial spaces too like hotels, manufacturing units, retail stores, warehouses, and hospitals. A well-planned and timely bed bug treatment is a must to control these pests and prevent them from further infestation. 

Top Businesses that Need Bed Bug Pest Control

Now have a look at some of the main businesses that often get infested by these hitchhikers and call for an immediate best bed bug treatment:

  1. Hotels: Different visitors visit hotels, and it makes these places vulnerable to bed bug infestation. To ensure your hotel is bed bug-free you are advised to plan for regular bed bug pest control services. 
  2. Hospitals: Just like hotels, hospitals are easily infested by tiny pests like bed bugs. Being a zero-tolerance zone for pests, hospital management should hire pioneers like HiCare for efficient commercial bed bug treatments. 
  3. Warehouses: Commercial spaces like warehouses are places where different products are loaded and unloaded giving ample scope for pests like bed bugs to creep in. Get the warehouse checked regularly for bed bug infestation and secure your stored goods. 
  4. Food Manufacturing Units: Manufacturing units especially where food products are manufactured are common hideouts for all sorts of pests including, bed bugs. Consult experienced bed bug treatment companies for an effective commercial bed bug removal treatment.
  5. Societies: Housing societies are home to multiple families. Bed bugs being pests eager to suck blood out of human beings get easily infested in such housing societies. So, ensure your society is bed bugs-free with a timely commercial pest control treatment.
  6. Retail Stores: So, what if there are no beds in a retail store, bed bugs can still infest such a commercial place. They can be found hiding in cracks in the walls, and doors. Go for effective bed bug pest control services the moment you experience the first signs of bed bugs at your retail store.  

Hire HiCare for a Commercial Bed Bug Pest Control Service

Feel free to search online for a commercial pest control service near me, and you are sure to note HiCare’s name in your top search results. HiCare is India’s 1st HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified pest solution company that offers specialized pest management services for bed bugs. 

The hygiene experts of HiCare offer commercial bed bug control services with a strong belief that less is more. HiCare rodent pest control starts with HiCare STAR which stands for a Systematic ProcessTransparency, Accountability, and Responsibility for each client that trusts the company for effective commercial pest control. 

For more information on commercial pest control services, please contact us at HiCare.


  • What is the most effective bed bug treatment?

The best bed bug treatment suggested by many experienced pest control companies is heat treatment. These bugs tend to escape or die in extremely high temperatures. Steam treatment is the second most popular bed bug treatment choice for commercial spaces. 

  • How much does bed bug extermination cost?

Several factors are taken into consideration by the pest control companies like HiCare to charge you for a bed bug control treatment. It usually depends on the level of bed bug infestation and the treatment chosen. 

  • Is it possible to permanently get rid of bed bugs?

Yes, it is possible to permanently get rid of bed bugs by booking pest control services from pioneers like HiCare. These professionals will offer the best bed bug removal treatment and suggest ways for pest infestation in the future.

  • What smells attract bed bugs?

Bed bugs find the smell of dirty laundry very appealing. They get instantly attracted to dirty bedding and clothing. Previously worn clothes or used bedding are, therefore, the most common items to attract bed bugs. 

  • What chemical kills bed bugs permanently?

Experienced professionals use effective chemicals like Pyrethroids to kill bed bugs. These are synthetic chemical insecticides quite similar to Pyrethrins that tend to remove bed bugs from their hideouts killing them instantly. 

  • Why Hire HiCare for Commercial Bed Bug Pest Control Service?

HiCare is India’s leading pest solution provider with an experience of over 28 years. The trained staff of the company offers efficient pest control services after a thorough inspection. The treatments are digitally-monitored to fill in the gaps and resolve your bed bug infestation issue at your office, hotel, hospital, warehouse, or retail store. 

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.