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One pest that no one wants to see at a premise is termites. These seemingly harmless pests have the power to eat up all your wood. Perhaps, this is the reason that the moment anyone sights a termite, that person tends to look for effective termite control. 
Commercial spaces like restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, societies, and food manufacturing units have a bundle of wooden structures, and therefore, commercial termite inspection and thereafter, going for a termite treatment does make sense. 

Top Businesses That Need Termite Pest Control

Here is a list of main businesses that must consider effective termite pest control services:

1. Offices: Modern-day offices are all decked up with beautiful decks for their employees. There is by no chance, such employers would like to keep the health of their employees and the interiors of their offices at stake. They are the ones who take prompt action in booking commercial termite control treatments. 

2. Retail Stores: As an owner of a retail store, you know how difficult it is to keep the stock and manage it on different racks and shelves. There is a daily loading and unloading of goods from retail stores. So, just imagine what havoc will termites bring in if you leave them to eat your wooden racks. Get at ease by booking a termite pest control service. 

3. Hotels: Be it a small or a big hotel, every hotel spends a lot on its interiors. So, if you detect termites, do not keep all that at stake if you own a hotel. Go for a prompt commercial termite control treatment. 

4. Restaurants: Apart from tasty food what attracts customers to a restaurant is its décor. Termites being silent destroyers can mar the whole look of your restaurant and may spread mold spores too. So, consider hiring a commercial pest control service to treat termites at the earliest.

5. Food Manufacturing Units: For the same reason as above, food manufacturing unit owners can never take a chance with the hygiene standards. With the first detection of termites, they opt for termite pest control services to save their structural damage and prevent food contamination due to termite droppings. 

6. Societies: Those who run housing societies must never take these tiny pests called termites lightly. They must book effective termite treatments from pest control companies to maintain the beauty of their society by securing it against wood-loving termites. 


Hire HiCare for a Commercial Termite Pest Control Service

Termites are a complete nuisance to any building, be it residential or commercial. So, search online for termite pest control services near me, and you will find HiCare in your top search results. The company with an eminent presence in all the major Indian cities boasts of a legacy of 28 years offering both residential and commercial pest control services. 

The hygiene experts of HiCare offer commercial termite treatment with a strong belief that less is more. HiCare termite pest control starts with HiCare STAR, which stands for a proper Systematic ProcessTransparency, Accountability, and Responsibility for each client that trusts the company for effective commercial pest control. 

For more information on commercial pest control services, please contact us at HiCare.


  • How do I permanently get rid of termites? 

To get rid of termites permanently, you must book reliable termite control services from pioneers like HiCare. The hygiene experts of HiCare will offer you effective termite solutions in a three-step procedure that includes drilling, filling, and sealing with safe termite-killing chemicals. 

  • How to detect termites in the workplace?

Following are some common signs of termite infestation at a workplace:

  • Hollow wooden structures
  • Cracks and holes in furniture and walls
  • Wooden dusting near wooden structures
  • Mud tunnels on walls and corners
  • Visual sighting of termite spores, wings, and eggs


  • Can termites come back after a pest control treatment?

Yes, we do not want to misguide you on this, but termites can come back after termite treatment. The key to keeping termites away from your commercial place forever is regular maintenance and pest control. 

  • Why book HiCare commercial pest control for termites?

Choose HiCare for all types of commercial pest control services at affordable pricing. The company has on board well-trained and professional technicians, who follow active measures for complete termite detection and eradication. They will also guide you with ways for termite prevention in the future. 

  • What is the cost of HiCare commercial pest control service?

HiCare offers affordable and effective commercial pest control treatments for various types of pests. The cost of pest control depends on different factors. For instance, termite treatment costs will differ from cockroach pest control costs due to the varying procedures.

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.