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Working in a clean and neat office is every employee’s dream. Every employer must ensure that the office premise is kept clean to promote productivity and leave a good impression on the clients. Perhaps, this is the reason that the trend of office cleaning services is gearing up in full force. 

With a regular commercial cleaning service from pioneers like HiCare, you can fetch multiple benefits. As a responsible employer, you must book cleaning services at regular intervals to prevent pest infestation and dirt from spoiling your office interiors.

Top Businesses That Need Professional Cleaning

Cleaning, as we mentioned earlier, is important everywhere. Even the top-most businesses may fail to impress clients if they leave a bad impression due to a dirty office or factory. Following are the top businesses that need professional cleaning at regular intervals:

1. Offices: The top business that needs a professional cleaning service is an office. Offices must maintain their reputation and impression on existing and new clients through a clean and well-maintained office and this can be done with regular commercial office cleaning services. 

2. Warehouses and Logistics: Warehouses are places where products are loaded and unloaded quite frequently and this makes them dirty and vulnerable to pest infestation too. All kinds of products are stored in warehouses, so ensure keeping them clean with commercial cleaning services at regular intervals. 

3. Hospitals: More than any other place, it is a healthcare facility like a hospital that needs a regular deep cleaning. It is possible by booking professional cleaning services. Timely deep cleaning in hospitals will ensure you get clearance in audits and inspections. 

4. Retail Stores: As a retail store owner you must ensure you maintain a clean store to prevent damage to the products stored. It is difficult to clean a retail store by yourself or with the help of the staff, so hiring professional cleaning services is the best solution. 

5. Restaurants: Another top commercial premise that needs a time-to-time professional deep cleaning service is a restaurant or eating joint. With a regular commercial cleaning service, you can prevent pest infestation at your restaurant and maintain its beauty as well. 

Why Hire HiCare for a Professional Cleaning Service

HiCarea pest control solution provider with a legacy of 28 years knows all the secrets of maintaining clean and pest-free residential and commercial spaces. 

With an eminent presence in over 30 Indian cities, HiCare has been providing perfect commercial cleaning solutions to over 25,000 businesses. 

Some clients that chose HiCare for professional commercial cleaning services are SIEMENS, Burger King, TATA Consultancy Services, Amazon, Big Bazaar, and so on. 

The trained hygiene experts of HiCare will focus on certain major issues in specific regions in your office for a corporate cleaning service. So, when it comes to considering commercial floor cleaning or commercial pest control, consider HiCare for the best commercial services. 


  • What are the benefits of professional cleaning? 

When you book professional cleaning service from an experienced company like HiCare, you get to enjoy so many benefits like:

  • Office Deep Cleaning
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Saves Time
  • Eliminates Chances of Allergies
  • Prevent Mold
  • Detects and Prevents Pests
  • Accelerates Overall Productivity
  • Maintains Equipment and Office Accessories


  • How much time will it take to get a professional cleaning service at an office?

 The time duration for office cleaning depends on the total area of the office and other similar factors. Perfect office cleaning services may take approximately 4-5 hours or even more.

  • How to prepare for a professional cleaning service at the workplace?

The experienced professionals of office cleaning companies will guide you on what to do before, during, and after the cleaning service. Make sure you inform your staff about the cleaning service in advance so that they can be aware and lend a helping hand for easy management. 

  • How often should offices be cleaned professionally?

Cleaning should be a habit be it at your residence or office. However, it is difficult to clean the offices professionally daily, so there is a need to follow a realistic approach. Try getting commercial cleaning services for your offices at least twice or thrice a year. 

  • Why book HiCare for professional cleaning services?

Say Hi to Hygiene with HiCare’s professional cleaning services. The company will send well-trained hygiene experts to clean your commercial premises. They will adhere to global standards of cleaning, and all this can be grabbed at affordable pricing from HiCare. 

  •  How do HiCare professionals clean an office?

HiCare, India’s leading digital hygiene company knows the secret of cleaning all sorts of commercial spaces. It trains its staff to offer perfect commercial deep cleaning services. The hygiene experts of HiCare will use safe cleaning products to clean the floors, surfaces, and other areas of your office leaving it shining like new. 

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.