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The moment anyone talks about insects, the first one to strike our mind is a cockroach. This disgusting-looking pest called cockroach can be seen crawling freely anywhere and anytime. Some of them even fly or jump to spread diseases too. 

There are different types of pest control services, but if you detect cockroaches at a commercial place, go for no ordinary but specially-designed commercial cockroach control treatments to keep these pesky pests at bay.

Top Businesses That Need Cockroach Pest Control

So, you just learned that these common invaders called cockroaches are a real nuisance to any house or office. 

Here is the list of businesses or commercial spaces that must consider booking regular commercial cockroach pest control services:

  1. Restaurants: Being the place where all types of tempting foods are prepared and served, any restaurant can easily become a hideout spot for cockroaches. A lot of leftover food is scattered in restaurants which attract cockroaches. Restaurant pest control for cockroach detection, and complete elimination is very important.
  2. Food Processing Industries: Industries, where food is processed and manufactured, is another favorite hangout space for cockroaches. They love infesting commercial spaces like food processing units, especially their dumpster area.
  3. Warehouses: Owners of warehouses and logistics centers must also consider regular commercial pest control services to keep pests like cockroaches away. These are places where all types of stuff are stored like food packets, so warehouses can easily become hideout spots for pests like cockroaches. 
  4. Hospitals: Commercial cockroach control is a must in a place like a hospital, where hygiene plays a key role in patient treatment and recovery. There is zero tolerance for all types of pests in hospitals, and therefore cockroach pest management should be a regular thing in hospitals. 
  5. Hotels: Different types of visitors and guests arrive and stay in hotels. This makes these vulnerable to pest infestation. No guest would like to stay in a hotel infested by cockroaches or other similar pests, so all reputed hotels go for a commercial cockroach pest control service at regular intervals. 
  6. Retail Stores: Cockroaches can easily infest retail stores because retail products from different locations are loaded and transported at these stores. Retail stores also tend to keep their doors open and this allows cockroaches to easily enter and contaminate the goods stored. With a scheduled pest control service, you can prevent cockroaches and other pest infestations at retail stores and showrooms. 
  7. Societies: Housing managers must opt for regular commercial cockroach pest control to maintain their housing societies. Pests like cockroaches can damage the appearance of their society. Societies are places meant for multifamily housing and no family prefers living amidst insects like cockroaches. 
  8. Manufacturing Units: Cockroaches find it quite easy to enter and hide inside manufacturing units and factories. This happens due to the continuous movement of people and products inside and outside the units. Manufacturing units and supply chains dealing with food-related products are most vulnerable to cockroaches and rodents. 

Hire HiCare for a Commercial Cockroach Pest Control Service

Search for a commercial pest control service near me and you are sure to note HiCare’s name in your top search results. HiCare is India’s leading digital hygiene and pest solution provider that offers specialized pest management services for cockroaches. 

The hygiene experts of HiCare offer commercial cockroach control services with a strong motto that “less is more”. HiCare commercial cockroach pest control starts with HiCare STAR which means a proper Systematic ProcessTransparency, Accountability, and Responsibility for each client that trusts the company for effective commercial pest control. 

For more information on commercial pest control services, please contact us at HiCare.


  • Can you ever permanently get rid of cockroaches?

Yes, you can get rid of all sorts of cockroaches from your residential and commercial spaces by hiring reputed and experienced pest control companies like HiCare. Trained professionals of such companies will use the best pest control methods to prevent cockroaches to re-infest. 

  • What do professionals use to exterminate cockroaches?

Some common cockroach control products and methods used by professionals are boric acid, fumigation, gel baits, cockroach smart traps, fipronil, and hydramethylnon. 

  • Why book HiCare commercial pest control for cockroaches?

HiCare is India’s 1st HACCP (Hazard Analysis Certified Control Point) pest control company with an experience of 28 years in pest control. The well-trained professionals of HiCare take active measures and provide customized safe solutions to tackle pests like cockroaches. 

  • What is the cost of commercial pest control service at HiCare?

HiCare, India’s top-most pest solution provider offers affordable and effective pest control solutions for commercial spaces like hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing units, warehouses, restaurants, and societies. The cost of a commercial pest control service at HiCare depends on the type of pests you need to detect and remove. 

  • What does HiCare use for cockroach control at offices?

HiCare trains its hygiene experts to conduct cockroach control in commercial spaces. The company uses cockroach smart traps and innovative technologies that consist of gels, sprays, and baits to prevent cockroach infestation. 

For more information on our services like Pest, Hygiene, Professional Cleaning, Bird Netting and Herbal Disinfection, contact HiCare as we provide customised solution post consultation, inspection and discussion to make sure you stay safe.