Investment Every Bank Needs To Make!

It is common to associate pest control with homes and residential complexes, but did you know that a routine pest control is just as crucial for commercial spaces, especially banks?...

Attract Customers, Not Pests

With an abundance of fresh foods, packaged products and sugary drinks, your general store has everything a customer would want. But don’t forget, they are also enticing spaces for pests...

3 Reasons You Need To Consider Bird Netting Your Commercial Properties

You may wonder if birds are considered pests, the reality is although they aren’t one, birds can cause a lot more damage than you think...

How To Deal with The Pest Who Can Survive Without a Head for A Week

Yes, you read it right! There’s a pest that can go without its head for one week – Cockroach. With an abundance of fresh foods, packaged products and sugary drinks, it’s a perfect ground for infestation.

Why you should opt for regular pest control in Warehouses & Workspaces

While sanitizing workspaces has been the topmost priority of late, pest control has taken a backseat. Especially areas such as warehouses and storage facilities.?.....

Attention: Dengue Outbreak in India! Protect yourselves now

As India hits more than 100,000 cases of dengue across the country, did you know about these 5 lesser-known facts about the disease spread by mosquitoes...

What Can You Do To Solve And Avoid A Bed Bug Problem?

Whenever you travel, make sure to check for signs of bed bugs in your room, which will help you avoid catching any. If you see these signs, ask for a different room or bed bug treatment if you have a long stay. You can also call ahead and request a spray for bed bugs before your arrival..

Why Summer is the Season for Cockroaches to Return to Your Home?

Roaches infest our houses every summer. It's easier to get through the hot months if you know how to keep cockroaches away. This article will explain why this is happening and how to fix it. Pest control services are always ideal solutions to any cockroach problem.

Are You Retouching Your Home Interiors? Do A Precautionary Termite Service For Long Run Safety

Termites are one of the most deadly pests that may infest a home. They feed on wood, which results in a fast and difficult-to-control infestation. Termites are attracted to a range of materials, the most common of which is wood.

Rodents Control in Commercial Space

Little creatures like mice may look adorable, but don’t let such appearances fool you! Rodents can contaminate food and supplies, pose a health and safety risk to employees, and cause monetary damage to the company. It is essential to take suitable measures to control rodents in the workplace and protect workflow, food, and other supplies.

5 Reasons Why Mosquito Control Treatment Is Essential For Your Business

As businesses slowly move to working-from-office across India, it is essential to seriously consider a professional mosquito control service. Wonder why? Here we list 5 reasons you need  to call the mosquito control services near you today:

3 Common Problems Caused by Birds in Food Processing Industries

Read this blog to understand the main problems caused by birds in the food processing industries. We will also disclose the best ways to solve the bird problems at commercial premises like food processing factories.

6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons from Your Office Windows

Let's read about the best ways how to get rid of pigeons on balconies, roofs, and windows, we want you to be aware of the main reasons for these birds to intrude on your premise.

Cockroach Pest Control is a Must for Hospitals

Cockroaches are the most common pests found almost everywhere, and even hospitals and clinics are no exception to them. Hospitals being healthcare facilities are supposed to be completely pest-free and germ-free.

Common Bed Bug Myths that Hotel Managers Must Know

Bed bugs are tiny organisms that are often hard to detect with the naked eye. Most of the time, you can only feel their presence. These tiny pests are usually found in hotel rooms because different kinds of people visit hotels and bring along these pests unknowingly.

15 Signs of Pest Infestation at Your Food Processing Unit

Cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, wood borers, mosquitoes, and ants, are to name a few common pests found in residential and commercial spaces. Their size may often be misleading, but they do possess great potential to pose a health hazard to human beings.

Common Pests Found in Libraries, Museums, and Historical Monuments

Let us examine the types of pests that infest places of interest like libraries, museums, and historical monuments. Based on these findings, it will be easier for the management to consider the apt pest control services.

How to Prevent Pest Infestation from Ruining Your Hotel Peak Season?

The most common food pests that creep inside hotels are rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Control these pests on time before they become out of control and ruin your hotel's peak season.

Why is Pest Control Important for Offices

Pest control is important not just for your home, but also for your office. The following benefits of commercial pest control services will convince you further about office pest management.

Reasons to Book Rodent Pest Control in a Society

We assume you must have understood that proper rodent control and prevention is essential to keep people and their belongings safe and away from damage.

10 Advantages of Termite Protection for Property Managers

Why is it important to protect against termites? Let us figure it out together by reading the following benefits of termite protection, especially for property managers:

How to Control Pests in Healthcare Facilities

In this blog you will know about the best ways of health care pest control that may help you, in the long run, to keep your hospital pest-free and safe for patients and visitors

Things that Make Your Store Vulnerable to Pests

Regular pest control is essential to keep these unwanted intruders called pests away from your retail store or outlet. Be it rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, mosquitoes, or birds, all these creatures may bring havoc to your business store if not detected and controlled on time.

Why Are Birds Big Problems for a Commercial Facility

In this post, we aim to help you understand why birds are big problems for commercial facilities and what can be done to control them.

How Can Employees Help in a Workplace Pest Prevention

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with how you can teach your employees about pest prevention in the workplace. We will also share the benefits of commercial pest control during our discussion in this article.

Does Your Food Processing Unit Need a Commercial Rodent Pest Control?

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with the importance of pest control and is rodent pest control necessary for your food processing unit.

How to Make Your Office Unattractive to Pests

Office pest management plays a crucial role in maintaining your business reputation and keeping your employees and office safe. But we believe prevention is always better than the cure, so why not try to make the office unattractive to pests, so they don’t infest it in the first place?

How to Find the Best Mosquito Control Service for your Office in India

Mosquito problem in the office must also be taken seriously, else it may leave your employees sick and affect your business. So, how to control mosquitoes in the office? Worry not, we are here to first disclose some natural ways to repel mosquitoes, and then help you find out the best mosquito control service for your office in India.

Why Pest Control is a Must for Restaurants?

Restaurant pest control can help you in multiple ways. The idea here is to ensure that not a single insect or pest gets into the food served to the customers. Failing to pay attention to regular pest control in a restaurant, such instances may take place and put you in major trouble.

How to Keep the Birds Away from Commercial Properties Without Harming Them?

One is elated to hear a cuckoo’s melodious voice in the morning, but that is now a rare scenario. What we get these days is the disturbing perching of birds around our commercial complexes. Neither the sound, nor the sight is pretty, and one looks for ways to get rid of the birds from the property.

Pest Proof Your Business Before the Winter Season

Pest control companies offer all kinds of pest control treatments like bed bugs treatment, termite treatment, and so on for commercial and residential premises. But they notice a drop in their pest control business during winter, why is that so?

10 Things That Make Your Retail Store Pest-Friendly

A majority of people agree with the importance of restaurant pest control, but do you know that a food retail store is equally vulnerable to pests? Be it a retail store, restaurant, or food factory, pest control in the food industry is a must.

How to Prevent Pigeons Nesting in Hospitals

Fed up seeing pigeons all around nestling in your hospital? Be it through their perching, droppings, feathers, or nests, pigeons may cause you a lot of trouble running a health care unit like a hospital.

Reason Why Your Business Needs Commercial Pest Control

Cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and rodents, are some common intruders infesting various types of business spaces. They can easily hide inside your premise and pose serious threats leading you to suffer major losses financially, physically, and emotionally.

Advantages of Pest Management for Businesses in 2023

Are you wondering why many business owners spend on booking pest control for their commercial property? India with a tropical climate is a house to several types of insects like cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and so on. All these pests are always looking out for water, food, and shelter.

Common Dos and Don’ts of Bed Bug Control for Commercial Spaces

Bed bugs are tiny insects that often go unnoticed, and perhaps this is the reason for them to infest for a longer duration at our premises. Unlike the common myth about bed bugs, these are not restricted only to beds. These bugs can be seen infesting commercial spaces too.