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Are You Retouching Your Home Interiors? Do A Precautionary Termite Service For Long Run Safety

HiCare    March 31, 2022   |   Thursday

Termites are one of the most deadly pests that may infest a home. They feed on wood, which results in a fast and difficult-to-control infestation. Termites are attracted to a range of materials, the most common of which is wood. If you are retouching your home interiors, it may be an excellent time to get a precautionary termite control treatment. 

To safeguard your property from termites, you must locate efficient and effective pest control services. 

The Causes of Termite Infestation

 The following are some of the most common causes of termite infestation.

1. Wooden structures that are deteriorating.

Termites and their infestations have grown increasingly prevalent in recent years as demand for wood and new house development have soared. 

Termites are attracted to decomposing wood due to the food sources it supplies. As a result, termites will invade your house to feast on decaying wood. 

Immediate intervention by pest control services is necessary for such instances. 

2. Unsealed gaps or openings.

Termite control should begin with the infestation's source. Seal any gaps and holes around your property to prevent pests from entering. 

Caulking these gaps and holes keeps termites out and prevents them from forming a colony. This strategy is effective in preventing termites from reproducing.

3. Woodpiles and old furniture. 

Homeowners commonly leave old furniture and a woodpile in their backyards, particularly near the house. These attract termites as well. 


Preventive Measures Against Termites

The following are some simple methods for termite prevention.

1. Maintain a clean, tidy home.

At all times, maintain an ordered and clean environment in your home. Due to the fact that termites are drawn to filth and grime, eliminating them from your house will benefit your health. Regular cleaning also removes possible food sources for termites.

2. Limit moisture accumulation in or around your home. 

Termites will invade your house if the soil is extremely damp around them.  Therefore, keep an eye out for indications of moisture on the ground outside your house. Promptly dry the area using absorbent materials such as sand or stones.

3. Periodic pest control inspections are essential. 

To avoid invasion, termites must be checked on a regular basis. It will aid you in spotting and preventing possible risks before they come near your property. This effort will be made easier by pest control services.

4. Make sure that the wood you use is of high quality.

Termites will be impossible to penetrate your home's wood if it is of excellent quality. Termites are attracted to the cellulose present in wood and paper goods; thus, selecting hardwood will prevent them from obtaining these nutrients.


Termites, in particular, are a major danger to the structural integrity of your house and should be addressed. Hiring a professional termite treatment service is the most effective means of preventing termites from invading your house. HiCare is here to help with our pest control services

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