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Reasons to Book Rodent Pest Control in a Society

HiCare    November 09, 2022   |   Wednesday

Rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, and murids are some common types of rodents. These rodents if sighted inside a home or in a commercial space can be really threatening. These species are capable of carrying disease-spreading parasites like lice, fleas, and ticks. Rodents infested in society can bring havoc damaging wooden structures and even electrical wires.

Perhaps this is the reason that rodent control is one of the main treatments offered by all the reputed pest control companies like HiCare. But we still know that there are people who are not aware of the importance of a rodent pest control service and therefore, they are reluctant to book such services.

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with the main reasons to book rodent pest control methods in society. 

How Harmful are Rodents for Your Society?

Unlike other pests, rodents are more powerful in being destructive to your health as well as your property. They have the potential to spread diseases either with direct or indirect contact through their pathogen-carrying urine and droppings. Both human beings, and other animals are at major risk if rodents are around.

Keeping pests like rodents under check is very crucial before they go out of control and transmit diseases to human beings. Besides, these creatures have a strong potential of damaging your premises with their constant chewing in search of food. If left uncontrolled and entrapped, rodents can contaminate your food sources and cause various types of allergies and infections.

Diseases Spread by Rodents like Mice, and Rats

As told before, rodents are dangerous because they can spread various diseases by carrying pathogens. Listed below are the most common diseases spread by rodents:

  1. Plague
  2. Hantavirus
  3. Salmonella
  4. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV)
  5. Tularemia
  6. Rat Bite Fever 

Benefits of Rodent Pest Control in a Society

So, coming back to the main part of our discussion, why consider effective rodent control methods in society? Listed below are some main advantages of rodent pest control:

  1. Minimizes Chances of Diseases Spread by Rodents: The prime reason for anyone to opt for a rodent pest control service in a society is to minimize the chances of diseases spread by rodents. You can safeguard people living in your housing society or working in your commercial society against diseases like hantavirus, salmonella, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and so on with efficient rodent pest control. 
  2. Prevents Building and Furniture Damage: Second main benefit of considering rodent pest control in a society is to prevent furniture and building damage. Rodents, as we mentioned earlier, can chew up wood and make holes in walls. So, why let them damage your structures and belongings? Why not prevent rodents with a good rodent management plan? 
  3. Promotes Easy Society Management: Go for rodent pest control services if you are eager to manage your society effortlessly. Remember it is not that easy to manage multi-family housing societies and pest control is one of the major issues to resolve there. So, leave the task to pest management companies. 
  4. Eliminates Rodent Nesting Places: Another big reason for you to consider a society rodent control service is to eliminate the rodent nesting places in or around the society. The professionals from a pest control company will look out for sources of food and water and remove them to make it difficult for rodents to survive in your society. 
  5. Prevents Noise Disturbance: The most irritating thing about rodents like rats, and mice is that they tend to create a lot of gnawing sounds which is often disturbing. A society infested by rodents will be seen full of people irritated with the continuous scratching and gnawing sounds of these creatures. So, with rodent pest control treatment, you can prevent noise disturbance in your society. 
  6. Saves Money and Time: Do not forget that when you pay attention to effective rodent pest control in your society, you opt to save money and time. It will eliminate pests like rodents from your place and save time that goes wasted in cleaning their droppings and money spent in repairing the damages they incur you. 

Best Rodent Control Methods

  1. Mouse Traps: The oldest and most trusted rodent control method is using a rat or mouse trap. These traps are further classified as glue or snap rat traps. If placed at the correct location, these traps can easily catch the rodents infested in a property. 
  2. Rodent Baits: Second effective rodent control method is using rodent bait. The formula here is to attract these food-loving species to food. These rodents easily fall prey to these baits if their weakness is - food is kept nearby.
  3. Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents: You may also try installing ultrasonic rodent repellents to repel rodents with annoying sound waves. Make sure to keep the exit points open when you use such rodent repellents to allow these rodents to run away from your premises. 
  4. Hire a Commercial Rodent Pest Control: A commercial rodent pest control service is indeed the best solution to keep these pesky pests away from a place like a big society. These companies will send trained professionals who will detect rodent hideouts and what attracts them to your society. Based on their findings, they will eliminate the rodents completely through the best rodent control methods.


In a nutshell, we assume you must have understood that proper rodent control and prevention is essential to keep people and their belongings safe and away from damage. India’s leading pest control solution provider, HiCare offers effective commercial pest control services for societies. Get rid of these squeaky creepy creatures from your residential and commercial spaces with the help of trained hygiene experts of HiCare at very affordable pricing.

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