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Things that Make Your Store Vulnerable to Pests

HiCare    November 09, 2022   |   Wednesday

Regular pest control is essential to keep these unwanted intruders called pests away from your retail store or outlet. Be it rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, mosquitoes, or birds, all these creatures may bring havoc to your business store if not detected and controlled on time. 

Pest control services are slowly gaining popularity among commercial premises like shopping malls, hotels, food processing units, and retail stores. But what are the facts that attract all types of pests to your store? Have you ever pondered about it?

Let us figure out things that make your store vulnerable to pests. Once you understand these things that attract pests, it will be easier for you to plan for ways to minimize pest infestation at your retail outlet. 

Things that Attract Pests to your Store

Several factors lead to pest infestation in a commercial space like a retail store. Some of the things that attract pests like cockroaches, rodents, termites, bugs, flies, and bed bugs are mentioned below:

  1. Easy Entry Points: The first thing that is like an open invitation to pests to enter your store is easy to access. Doors that open frequently tend to allow cockroaches, rodents, and other pests to creep inside your store without any difficulty. The same happens if there are windows that are left open. 
  2. Garbage Bin: Second thing that makes your store vulnerable to pests is the garbage bin. Hungry pests tend to look out for food and if they get easy access to the unemptied trash bins, they would surely love to stay there for long. Stores with poorly-kept dumpster areas tend to attract pests like rodents and cockroaches. 
  3. Lack of Cleanliness: Not to forget that lack of cleanliness is one of the major causes of pest infestation at different premises like shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, and warehouses. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential to maintain a store that is free of pests like rodents, cockroaches, bugs, and termites. 
  4. Spilled Food: Stores that don’t pay attention to cleaning up the spilled-up food or beverages immediately are the ones that suffer from the problem of pests. Proper sanitation and regular cleaning are necessary to keep your store pest-free. Those who neglect the general cleanliness of the store and don’t clean the spilled food will ultimately end up facing pest invasion. 
  5. Moisture Leakage: Another major attraction for pests to infest your retail stores is moisture leakage. Pests generally look for two main things to infest an area and one of them is moisture. So, if you have any water leakage, be it from a water dispenser or a faulty drainage system in your store, chances are high for your store to get pest infestation. 
  6. Overgrown Lawn Outside the Store: Pests like rodents, bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes tend to hide in overgrown grasses. So, stores that have overgrown lawns outside are most likely to suffer from the issue of pest infestation. Pests find it easier to creep inside the store from the grasses outside.
  7. Infected Deliveries: Many times, the store owner is vigilant enough about cleanliness and doesn’t leave any scope for pest infestation, still the store gets infested by pests, how? This happens when the deliveries arriving at the store are infested by pests like cockroaches, bugs, rats, and ants. Boxes and packages unloaded at the store are sometimes infested by pests and larvae that start spreading in the store from those packaging.  

Tips for Pest Prevention at Store

We now feel it is the right time to enlighten you with some effective pest prevention tips to help you protect your outlet at the right time. So, check these tips to control pest infestation without much effort:

  1. Cockroach Pest Control Tips: The most practical tip to repel cockroaches from a retail store is maintaining hygiene. Train your staff not to clutter the waste in the store else it may attract cockroaches. Also, use proper garbage disposal systems to prevent cockroach infestation.
  2. Rodent Pest Control Tips: Try to keep the doors and windows closed to minimize rat infestation at your store. Another thing you can do is install rat traps to catch hold of the rats in the store and throw them out. Besides, you may consider booking commercial rodent control services from leading pest solution providers like HiCare. 
  3. Termite Pest Control Tips: Termites are known to be wood-feeding tiny insects. They love to dig deep inside wooden structures and are often hard to detect. Moisture in wood is the most common cause of termite infestation at different premises. So, avoid moisture exposure to your wooden structures to prevent termite infestation at your store. 
  4. Mosquito and Flies Control Tips: Mosquitoes and flies can be easily kept outside the store by putting mosquito nets at windows and doors. Besides, installing automatic mosquito repellent dispensers like AutoMos will eliminate the entry of mosquitoes from flying inside your store 24x7 without you keeping the doors and windows closed. 
  5. Bird Control Tips: There are multiple ways to keep birds away from your store, but the latest and the most effective one amongst them is installing bird netting. Available in different sizes, these highly durable bird nets help to repel birds from your store without harming them.  


Do not let pests go out of control, so control them on time by booking business pest control services. HiCare offers commercial pest control services at very competitive pricing. The company with a legacy of 29 years has been providing efficient pest control solutions to different industries and commercial segments.

The hygiene experts of HiCare are trained to work on global standards to detect and eliminate all types of pests from commercial spaces like hotels, hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices, restaurants, and retail stores.

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