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Why Are Birds Big Problems for a Commercial Facility

HiCare    November 25, 2022   |   Friday

Bird problems are not new for both residential and commercial spaces. But, if left uncontrolled, the bird menace can damage the whole business done at your commercial facility.

Be it the pigeon, sparrow, crow, or any other pest bird, all these seemingly harmless flying species can cause you serious business losses. Owners of commercial spaces that are thronged by different birds must seriously look out for efficient bird control methods. 

In this post, we aim to help you understand why birds are big problems for commercial facilities and what can be done to control them. 

What are Pest Birds?

When we say that birds are dangerous for your commercial space, we don’t mean that all birds are harmful, we are talking about pest birds. As the name suggests, these are birds that are a nuisance to your premise just like pests. They are fond of living around human beings and may cause damage to human beings in multiple ways.

Types of Birds that Infest a Commercial Facility

Now that you know what pest birds are, it is time to tell you about the main types of birds that are seen near commercial facilities.

Some of the common birds, also known as pest birds seen nestling around commercial spaces are:

  • Pigeons
  • House Sparrows
  • Crows
  • Starlings
  • House Mynas
  • Seagulls

Why are Birds Dangerous for a Commercial Facility?

So, why is pigeon prevention or any other bird prevention important for commercial facilities? Let us figure out the dangers that are posed by birds for different types of commercial spaces:

  1. May Contaminate Food Products at Food Manufacturing Units: Having birds nestling around your food manufacturing unit is dangerous. These birds can contaminate the food products produced and packed with their harmful droppings, wings, and eggs. So, consider booking a bird control service from professionals to keep things under check.
  2. Spread Diseases in Restaurants: If you are a restaurant owner and see birds nestling around your restaurant, then don’t take it lightly. Look up an effective bird control service to control the birds to prevent the spread of diseases through their infectious droppings that contain different types of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. All these may contaminate the food prepared and served in your restaurant.
  3. May Spread Parasites and Insects: You may not know but birds do carry different types of harmful lice, ticks, beetles, moths, and other insects to their nests. As a result, these birds when nesting around your commercial space make it easier for these insects to creep inside your building to infest it with all these pests. 
  4. Disturbs the Employees in Offices: Being an employer means big responsibilities. It is your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe and uninterrupted workspace. So, imagine the constant perching of birds at your office windows. Won’t it disturb your employees and hamper their productivity? Therefore, we suggest you opt for bird control treatments for office or bird netting to keep birds away from office windows. 
  5. Spoil the Look of the Society with their Droppings: Being a housing society owner or manager, you must ensure that the look of your society is not hampered by birds. Do not let birds perch on the roofs, balconies, or windows of your society houses and for this get proper bird pest control for your society. 
  6. May Damage the Building Materials: Birds if left uncontrolled may soon cause physical damage to your office or commercial building. In the absence of pigeon control, for instance, the roof of your building can erode due to droppings and feathers.
  7. May Foul Parked Vehicles: Another significant danger caused by pest birds around commercial spaces is that they can spoil the vehicles parked around your space. These vehicles can be your client’s vehicles or delivery vehicles, so it will spoil your business reputation at once. 
  8. Water Damage and Blocked Drainage: Bird nests tend to block the drains and may lead to waterlogging and flooding on the premise roof. There can be severe gutter issues and damage in the drainage pipes due to bird droppings and feathers clogging. 

Common Signs of Bird Infestation in Commercial Spaces

Let us now learn about the common signs of bird infestation in commercial spaces that can make way for easy bird control:

  • Bird nests on the terrace, roof, beams, and ledges
  • Bird droppings on vehicles, paved areas, roofs, and goods
  • Stock or products damaged by birds pecking and droppings
  • Constant perching noises of birds
  • Scattered bird feathers, and droppings
  • Debris from bird nests scattered on the roofs, windows, and around the drainage systems
  • Birds perching on the windows, roofs, wires, and ledges

Best Way of Commercial Bird Control

The best way to control birds in a commercial space is by booking a bird control service. All you need to do is search online for bird control services near me and shortlist the best names that appear in your search results. Look out for the types of bird control methods they offer and select the one that suits you best.


If you are still not being able to make up your mind about the best bird control method for your commercial space. HiCare is there to help you out with the most trending bird control method called bird netting. The company with an experience of 28 years in pest control and digital hygiene knows it all about how to keep all types of birds away from your residential and commercial premises with durable and long-lasting bird nets.

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