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How to Find the Best Mosquito Control Service for your Office in India

HiCare    December 05, 2022   |   Monday

More than any other pest control people these days book mosquito control treatments especially for their homes. But we suggest that the mosquito problem in the office must also be taken seriously, else it may leave your employees sick and affect your business.

So, how to control mosquitoes in the office? Worry not, we are here to first disclose some natural ways to repel mosquitoes, and then help you find out the best mosquito control service for your office in India.

How to Control Mosquitoes Naturally?

Here are some natural mosquito control measures that work equally well for your office and home:

  1. Use Lighter Décor: A surprising fact about mosquitoes is that they tend to get attracted towards darker shades, perhaps to hide. So, why not use this natural and easy way to repel mosquitoes? Try replacing your office décor with lighter shade furniture and accessories. This will help keep mosquitoes away for sure without using any mosquito repellent for the office.

  2. Do Not Let Water Standby: We have been hearing this for ages mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. So, if you want to keep mosquitoes away from your office or premise, do not let water stand by nearby. If removing stagnant water nearby is impossible, treat it with some insecticides to kill mosquito larvae breeding in it. 
  3. Place Mosquito-Repellent Plants: Trust us, you won’t have to use any mosquito repellent spray in your office if you place some effective mosquito-repellent plants inside. Try placing plants like lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, basil, and eucalyptus to repel mosquitoes naturally from your office premise. 

Why Book a Commercial Mosquito Pest Control Service?

Every professional service offers some benefits to you, be it a professional cleaning service or a mosquito pest control service. The following benefits will give you a clear idea of why you must book a commercial mosquito control service for your office:

  1. Professional Approach: Go for a mosquito control service in your office for the sake of an error-free professional approach. Trained professionals visit your office fully equipped with machines and solutions to make your office mosquito-free. You can never be at par with this kind of professional approach trying any DIY mosquito control trick. 
  2. Promotes Productivity: Do not let your employees suffer and make you suffer in terms of work productivity due to irritating mosquitoes. Therefore, be wise enough to get regular mosquito pest control services in your office to give your employees a safe and mosquito-free workplace to work uninterruptedly.
  3. Prevents Mosquito-Borne Diseases: Last but not the least, the biggest reason for anyone to book a commercial mosquito pest control service for an office is to prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria. 
  4. Treats Water, Air, and Walls: When you call commercial pest control service providers for mosquito control, you choose to get a fool-proof action plan against mosquitoes. They will treat the indoor air, walls, and water to repel all kinds of mosquitoes. 

Tips to Hire the Best Mosquito Control Service for Your Office

If you have finally made up your mind that you need commercial pest control for your office to combat the mosquito menace, the following tips will help you hire the best mosquito control service:

  1. Search Online: Step one for any office owner who is desperate to get professional mosquito control at the office is to search online for reliable and reputed pest control companies. Make a list of the best companies that appear in your search results and contact them one by one. 
  2. Consult Real Estate Agents: Alternatively, you may also try contacting nearby real estate agents. These people have tie-ups with professional pest control companies and will guide you on which one to hire for office mosquito pest control. 
  3. Check the Experience in Mosquito Control: The most crucial thing to check when hiring a pest control company for a commercial mosquito control service is its experience. Figure out how old the company is and whether it has trained and skilled professionals on board to offer you the desired results from such services or not. 
  4. Go Through the Testimonials and Customer Reviews: The best way to purchase anything these days, be it a service or product is to first go through the testimonials and client reviews. Do so before you book a mosquito control treatment for the office. Go for the company that has the maximum positive reviews. 
  5. Check the Customer Care Service: When booking a commercial mosquito pest control service from a professional company do check its customer care service. The company must be professional and be ready to answer all your concerns with patience and act spontaneously on your complaint. 
  6. Compare the Pricing: Next big thing to do when finding the best mosquito control service for your office in India is to ask for a pricing quotation. Once you get pricing details from your shortlisted pest control companies, compare them with the pricing of similar companies. Pick the one that fits your pocket without compromising on the quality of the treatment. 
  7. Don’t Get Lured for Discounts: In an urge to pick the most affordable mosquito control service for your office, don’t get lured by unprofessional and bogus companies. It will not help you in any way control the mosquitoes and poke a big hole in your pocket too. 


Trust HiCare, the company with its presence in over 30 Indian cities caters to different types of pest control solutions with the highest efficiency. The trained professionals of HiCare know their job better than others and will leave your office mosquito-free with a triple-action plan to offer you an office that has smart air, smart walls, and smart water. 

Give your employees a chance to give in their best by giving a mosquito-free workplace with a commercial mosquito control service from HiCare.

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