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How to Prevent Pigeons Nesting in Hospitals

HiCare    December 30, 2022   |   Friday

Fed up seeing pigeons all around nestling in your hospital? Be it through their perching, droppings, feathers, or nests, pigeons may cause you a lot of trouble running a health care unit like a hospital.

A pigeon net seems to be the most appropriate way of preventing pigeons from nesting in your hospital. But there are some other ways of pigeon control that one should be aware of, and we will talk about all those ways in this post.

So, gear up and get set go to check out how to prevent pigeons from nesting in hospitals by reading this post.

What is the Need for Pigeon Control in Hospitals?

Before we discuss the exact ways of pigeon control for places like hospitals, we want you to know what is the need for it. Here are some ways in which birds like pigeons may harm your hospital, its patients, and your business:

  1. Chances of Worsening Patient’s Health Condition: You will agree with us on this, that patients admitted or getting treatment in a healthcare unit are low in immunity. Therefore, there are chances of their health deteriorating due to the infections passed on by pigeons, their droppings, and their feathers. 
  2. Brings in Infection to the Hospital: With pigeons all around your hospital, there are higher chances of infection spreading to your hospital. It will happen either through the air that is infected by their droppings full of various pathogens or through the shoes of the visitors who step on these infectious pigeon droppings. Your hospital hygiene will be at stake due to uncontrolled pigeons.
  3. Pigeon Droppings May Cause Accidents on Pavements: You never know that your ignoring pigeons nesting in your hospital might lead to slip and fall accidents and car accidents. All this can happen due to the pigeon droppings scattered on the pavement outside the hospital. 
  4. Spoils the Look of the Hospital: Pigeon nestling on a hospital will spoil its look. It will tarnish the building with droppings and feathers. There will also be a foul smell due to pigeons. All this will make your hospital look ugly and unhygienic. 
  5. Bad Image of the Hospital: Last but not the least, the worst impact of pigeons nesting on hospitals can be on the image of your hospital. Neither the patients nor anyone else would like to associate with your hospital for any reason if it is home to several pigeons.

Ways to Prevent Pigeons Nesting on Hospitals

Nothing can beat pigeon pest control to keep these birds away from your commercial premise. Mentioned below are the best methods of effective bird pest control to keep your hospital safe from the nuisance of birds like pigeons:

  1. Pigeon Control Net:  Call it pigeon netting or anti-bird netting, these are very effective means of keeping these frequently nestling birds away from your premise. By installing pigeon netting on your hospital, you can save it from pigeons. These physical barriers for pigeons are one of the humane ways to deter these birds from approaching and nestling on your commercial premises. 
  2. Pigeon Spikes: Species like pigeons won’t forget the pain they experience once. If they get hurt with pigeon spikes, they will never ever return to experience that hurting pain again. These bird spikes are easy to install on the hospital premise and prevent pigeons from resting on your roofs, balconies, and windows.
  3. Acoustics Systems: How about scaring pigeons away from your hospital by playing some scary call from their predators or distress calls? All this can be done by installing acoustic systems in your hospital premise.
  4. Gel Deterrents: These sticky gels will give them a tough time to the pigeons and they will swear never to return to the premise. Once stuck to these gel deterrents, pigeons will find it tough to release themselves and this experience will prevent their recurrence in your hospital for nesting. 
  5. Laser Light Deterrents: Birds like pigeons hate reflections and for this reason, laser light acts as a perfect pigeon deterrent. Install laser lights on the hospital premise to prevent these birds from building a nest. 

How to Buy a Perfect Pigeon Control Net?

Now that you have gained all knowledge about how to keep pigeons away from hospitals. You will agree with us that a pigeon net is probably the best way of pigeon control. So, let us talk about how to buy a perfect pigeon control net for your hospital.

Look out for the following things when buying pigeon safety nets:

  1. Size: Preferably 2x 2-inch square gap ideal for pigeon control
  2. Material: Non-rusting stainless steel is better than other materials
  3. Strength: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) UV Resistant GARWARE Net for the highest efficiency
  4. Durability: Wired metal framework for the best fitting and highest durability
  5. Color: Generally available in two colors like black and white
  6. Installation: Look for installation at no additional cost
  7. Warranty: Look for a 2-3 years guarantee 


After understanding the importance of a pigeon protection net, are you looking to install one in your hospital? Then, go for the bird netting service from HiCare, the pioneer in offering all sorts of pest control and bird netting services.

The professional HiCare team will come to your hospital to install your chosen anti-bird netting most appropriately. They will aim to leave your hospital protected against pigeons so that you and your patients do not face problems posed by pigeons.




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