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Common Dos and Don’ts of Bed Bug Control for Commercial Spaces

HiCare    January 24, 2023   |   Tuesday

Bed bugs are tiny insects that often go unnoticed, and perhaps this is the reason for them to infest for a longer duration at our premises. Unlike the common myth about bed bugs, these are not restricted only to beds. These bugs can be seen infesting commercial spaces too. 

While it may be difficult to detect bed bugs at your workplace, it is not that difficult to remove them provided you stick to some dos and don’ts. Yes, by following a list of dos and don'ts, you can get rid of bed bug infestations at your office, hotel, hospital, or any other commercial property. But what are these dos and don’ts? 

Worry not, we are here to help you out! We will talk elaborately about bed bugs, signs to detect them, and the dos and don’ts of bed bug control for commercial spaces. So, stay tuned and read on!

Common Areas Infested by Bed Bugs in Commercial Spaces

Before we talk about what to do and what not to do before, during, or after bed bug control at a commercial space, we want you to know something else! Read about the common areas that are infested by bed bugs in commercial spaces:

  • Carpets
  • Chairs
  • Curtains
  • Wooden Shelves
  • Furniture
  • Sofas
  • Drawers
  • Stationery Items

Early Signs to Detect Bed Bugs at Office

Here is a list of common signs to detect bed bugs at your workplace:

  • Dark stains on upholstery
  • Bed bug bites on the skin
  • Foul and musty odor
  • Live bed bugs
  • Dead bed bugs
  • Bed bug droppings
  • Bed bug eggs

Dos of a Bed Bug Treatment

Let us first talk about the main dos after detecting bed bug infestation in a commercial space:

  1. Do Hire a Professional Exterminator: The prime thing to do when you detect bed bugs at your official premise is to hire professionals who know the right techniques to deal with them. These trained professionals how to detect as well as isolate the infested areas to prevent the further spread of these bugs. They will safely remove bed bugs and prevent them from future recurrence. 
  2. Do Declutter Your Premise: Before you call the professionals for a bed bug removal treatment at your premise, make sure to declutter it. Doing so will help these professionals detect these bugs without any hindrance. Besides, it will be easier for you to keep these bugs away in the future if you maintain a decluttered premise.
  3. Do Vacuum Frequently: One of the best ways to remove bed bugs from any premise is to vacuum clean frequently. These tiny bugs can be easily caught in vacuum cleaners. Vacuum clean the upholstery and other vulnerable spots at your office to stay away from bed bugs. Do so at regular intervals. 
  4. Do Proper Screening of Shipments: Those running a factory or warehouse must pay attention to screen all the deliverables and shipments. A proper screening of shipments at these commercial spaces will minimize the chances of a bed bug infestation. Consult a professional pest control company to know how to screen these shipments to detect and remove bugs of any type.

Don’ts of a Bed Bug Control

Now that you have read about the dos of bed bug control, it is time to understand what not to do when you find bed bugs on your premise:

  1. Don’t Delay in Booking a Bed Bug Treatment: The first don’t of bed bug control is not to delay booking a bed bug treatment. The moment you first detect these bugs in your commercial space should be a wake-up call for you to act fast. Avoiding these bugs may give them a nice chance to spread all across your property. 
  2. Don’t Purchase Second-Hand Items: Do not purchase a second-hand item if you want to restrict bed bugs from infesting your commercial property. These bugs usually get transferred from items that are used or shared by multiple users. So, avoid using chairs or similar items that were used in some other office earlier to prevent the risk of spreading bed bugs. In short, avoid installing second-hand items in your office that can already be infested by bed bugs. 
  3. Don’t Try DIY Bed Bug Removal Tricks: Bed bugs need not be taken lightly. These are not one of those bugs that can be treated by self. So, we do not recommend you try any DIY trick to remove bed bugs from your commercial space. Do so only with the help of professionals from a pest control company. 
  4. Don’t Discard Infested Items By Your Own: Last, in our list of don’ts of a bed bug infestation, we would say that you must not try to discard items infested by bed bugs on your own. Doing so may put your premise at a larger risk of these bugs. You never know when these bugs might escape on their way and infest other places in your office. So, leave the task of discarding bed bug-infested items to professionals. 


So, now we assume you have grasped all that is important to know about bed bugs. The moment you detect these tiny bugs, do not let them spread by ignoring them. Book a commercial bed bug removal for your commercial space from HiCare.

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