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How to Pest-Proof Your Office this Summer Season

HiCare    March 17, 2023   |   Friday

With summer around the corner, you will soon see all kinds of pests around you. Cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, and many more will be seen thriving to enter not just your homes, but offices too. All you need to save your office from these pest infestations is an insect pest control service.

No activity during the night time due to a vacant office, and too many visitors coming from different places makes an office a vulnerable spot for a pest infestation. Besides, the presence of air conditioners that run during the summer in the offices makes them a comfortable dwelling place for all types of pests.

Read this entire article to grasp some useful information about how to pest-proof your office this summer season. We will also acquaint you with the benefits of booking pest control services for commercial spaces.

Tips to Pest-Proof Your Office in Summers

If you wish to save your business image, office belongings, and premise, do ensure a proper pest removal from your office in the summer season, or the so-called pest season in India.

The following tips can help you prevent summer pest infestation in your office:

  1. Seal All Cracks and Gaps: The first thing you can do to easily avert the danger of pest infestation in summer is by sealing all the possible pest entry points. Seal the cracks and gaps in the floor, walls, and elsewhere from where you can expect the roaches, bugs, and ants to creep inside your office in the summer. 
  2. Repair Water Leakages: Summertime means a hot time when everyone needs water to survive, be it pests. So, do ensure repairing any water leakages inside your office to prevent pests from infesting the place in search of water. 
  3. Control Food Spillage: Food is one main attraction for pests in all seasons and not just in summer. Try encouraging your staff to avoid food spillage during lunchtime. Also, arrange for a separate eating room, to limit the pest infestation only to that room where food is eaten and not in the entire office. 
  4. Proper Garbage Disposal: Keep your office clean by maintaining a proper garbage disposal system. Do not let garbage scatter here and there in your office. Use special bins for dry waste and wet waste respectively. By doing so you will eliminate the chances of office pest infestation. 
  5. Declutter Your Office: The last thing you could do to minimize the chances of pest intruding in your office is to declutter it as much as possible. Pests like cockroaches and bugs often like hiding in cluttered areas like store rooms and stationery rooms. So, allow them no space to hide by organizing your stuff in your office.

Book Commercial Pest Control for Office in Summers

The ultimate solution to all your summer pest worries for the office is a commercial pest control service. Through one such service you can save time, money, and business reputation, and of course, remove all the pests hiding in your office premise. Trained professionals of a pest control company will conduct proper inspections, and removals to leave behind a pest-free office for you after a pest control treatment.

Things to Know Before Booking a Pest Control Treatment for Office

So, if you have finally made up your mind to hire professionals for commercial pest control in your office, do go through the following factors before booking a pest treatment:

  1. Pest Control Prices: The second crucial factor to consider when booking a pest control service for the office is the cost. The pest control cost may vary from treatment to treatment and place to place. For instance, termite pest control may be more expensive than cockroach control due to more difficulty in treating the termites as compared to cockroaches. 
  2. Types of Pest Control Treatments: You must also inquire enough about the type of pest control treatment suitable for the persisting pest problem detected in your office. Booking a rodent pest control for termite pest control will make no sense. So, book a specific pest treatment for the specific type of summer insects found in your office. 
  3. Efficacy of the Pest Control Treatment: Do not hesitate to ask about the efficacy of the pest control treatment from the company you hire. You must have a clear idea of when you can expect total removal of all the pests lurking inside your office and how long will the effect of the treatment last. 
  4. Expertise of the Pest Control Company: When hiring a pest control company for pest control in the office, ensure to check its experience in the field. Remember, the more experienced a company is, the better results you can expect in pest removal from your office. 
  5. Warranty on the Service: Do not forget to check this most important factor when booking a pest control service near me for your office. Do ask for a warranty or guarantee on the pest treatment from the company. Usually, all reputed and experienced companies offer a money-back guarantee or warranty for a limited period. 


Pest-proof your office with commercial pest control services from HiCare. The company has a rich legacy of over 28 years in pest control and digital hygiene solutions and masters the art of detecting, removing and preventing all types of pests from commercial spaces.

Be it termite control, mosquito control, or cockroach control, the trained HiCare team offers specific pest solutions for different types of businesses at the most competitive pricing.


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