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3 Common Problems Caused by Birds in Food Processing Industries

HiCare    November 08, 2022   |   Tuesday

Everything in nature is beautiful, be it plants, animals, or birds. But not anymore if they tend to intrude on your premises without your wish. Take, for instance, the birds perching and flying inside your food processing industries. Yes, bird problems at such commercial spaces as food processing units are quite common these days. 

Pigeons, sparrows, or crows, all birds may look small but may pose big threats to businesses like that of the food processing industry. Whether you know it or not, birds may seem harmless, but they do carry a high potential of spreading health diseases through contamination.

In this post, we aim to help you understand the main problems caused by birds in the food processing industries. We will also disclose the best ways to solve the bird problems at commercial premises like food processing factories.

Common Bird Problems 

Before we dig into discussing the solutions to get rid of the bird issues from your commercial premise, we want you to be aware of the common problems caused by different kinds of birds. 

  1. Contaminate the Equipment: The first way through which birds can destroy your food processing business is by contaminating the machines and equipment used. If you notice birds perching regularly at your food factory rooftops, then there are greater chances of your machines and equipment getting contaminated with their pathogen-infected droppings, wings, and feathers. 
  2. Contaminate the Air: When birds fly around and start perching on heights and rooftops of your factory, there is a high possibility that pathogens they carry will get spread in the entire air and environment in your factory. They can settle around your factory by building nests and contaminating the air around them regularly.
  3. Contaminate the Products: Last, of all, birds can end up contaminating the food products produced at your food processing factory. Bird droppings or feathers can contaminate the food products manufactured in your food industry. Sometimes even bird eggs may spoil the products processed at your food factory. 


Types of Birds That Trouble Food Processing Industries

No matter which bird is causing trouble in your food processing industry, the problems they cause are somewhat similar. As per a general survey following are the common type of birds that find it easy access to disturb your food processing unit:

  • Pigeons
  • Swallows
  • Seagulls
  • Common European Starlings
  • English House Sparrows


Why Do Birds Invade Food Processing Industries?

Wondering why do birds perch around your food industry? Well, there are ample reasons for these and some of them are listed below:

  1. Greater feeding opportunities for birds around the product spillage open dumpsters
  2. Open doors and windows that offer easy access to birds to fly inside your food industry
  3. Open gaps in doors and windows from where birds can easily walk in or fly inside your factory
  4. Overhangs make up a perfect place for birds to build their nests with apt protection
  5. Ample wide spaces allow nesting opportunities for birds in large food processing units


Best Solution for Bird Problems

Enough talking about the bird problems, we now feel it is time we discuss the best solutions to deal with them especially if you are running a food processing industry. So, have a look at what can be done to get rid of the bird menace from your food industry:

  1. Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed: The first basic thing you can do to avoid birds entering your food unit is close all the windows and doors. This will reduce the chances of birds flying inside your commercial space. 
  2. Ensure No Gaps at Dock Doors: Another similar thing you can do to avoid bird problems in your food factory is to ensure that there are no gaps at dock doors when the trucks are loading or unloading. 
  3. Minimize Product Spillage: Third step to ensure minimum bird infestation at your food unit is to keep the surroundings clean. For this, prevent product spillage because birds will feed on these spilled food products. Use a garbage bin to dump such spilled products and regularly monitor it to check whether the birds are nesting there or not. 
  4. Opt for Bird Netting Services: The best way to get rid of birds invading your food unit is by opting for bird netting services. These days, there are different types of bird nets available in the market in all sizes. So, pick the size according to the size of the birds nesting in or around your factory. Hire bird netting service providers to install such efficient nets. 
  5. Book Bird Control Services: If you feel that the bird trouble at your food factory is big enough that a mere bird net won’t solve it, then book a bird control service. Search online for bird control services near me and shortlist the best ones listed in the search results. These professionals ensure complete detection and removal of bird nests and prevent them from flocking around your unit in the future. 



In a nutshell, you can save your food manufacturing industry from the issues of birds using bird-repellent devices. HiCareIndia’s leading digital hygiene company offers bird netting services in all the major cities of India. The company offers bird control service wherein the experienced staff installs the best bird nets at competitive pricing. All you need to know is which type of birds usually cause problems in your food industry and choose to install suitable bird nets from HiCare.  

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