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6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons from Your Office Windows

HiCare    November 06, 2022   |   Sunday

Do you love feeding pigeons? We bet you will not love the same birds if they start perching daily at your office windows. Birds like pigeons perching at windows, and balconies have now become a common sight all across the country. So, how to get rid of pigeons from your office windows? 

Society residents also face the issue of pigeons perching on windows and balconies. However, the same problem is bigger when office-going people are disturbed by their constant perching at office windows.  

Yes, there is indeed, nothing wrong if you are looking for how to get rid of pigeons naturally from your premises, but not all such ways are always effective. 

Why are Pigeons Attracted Towards Windows, Balconies, and Roofs?

Before we disclose the best ways how to get rid of pigeons on balconies, roofs, and windows, we want you to be aware of the main reasons for these birds to intrude on your premise. 

  1. Illusion of Open Space due to Reflection: The main reason for this is that the windows usually reflect greenery or the open skies and birds get confused seeing them and bang them thinking there is a way ahead. 
  2. Search for Shelter and to Build a Nest: Another reason for pigeons and other birds to get attracted to your balconies is for shelter to build a nest in a protective area. 
  3. Search for Food: Many birds also flock to your roof in search of food and when they get a regular food supply there, they keep perching there day and night. 
  4. Search for Something Still to Sit: Many times pigeons and other birds also prefer sitting and perching on windows because they want stillness. Windows and balconies offer them a firm and still surface to sit unlike branches of the trees that shake a lot. 

Why Are Pigeons Perching at Office Windows Harmful?

Wondering what is the harm if these innocent pigeons perch at office windows? Then, you need to read the following potential hazards these innocent-looking birds bring along when they perch at your windows:

  1. Damage to the exterior looks of the office
  2. May lead to corrosive damage to your commercial building
  3. May lead to fire risk due to pigeon nesting
  4. May build nests at office windows
  5. May lay eggs in the nests built at office windows
  6. May create unhygienic conditions at the window
  7. May spread pathogens that may lead to diseases
  8. Distract the employees with their constant perching
  9. May break the window glasses with their beaks
  10. May contaminate the area with their droppings and feathers


How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Whether you agree or not, pigeons leave behind acidic waste that can spread diseases. So, allowing them to sit at your windows means giving an open invitation to diseases to creep inside your premise, be it a commercial or a residential premise. Listed below are tips for those searching for how to keep pigeons away from the windows of their office: 

  1. Install an Ultrasound Pigeon Repellent: Like we have mosquito repellents, we also have bird-like pigeon repellents. These are smart devices that emit ultrasound waves that annoy birds like pigeons. The sound produced by these pigeon repellents is not irritating to human ears but can keep these birds away for sure. 
  2. Install Reflective Surfaces: Many people find this trick to be the best way to keep pigeons away from office windows. Since birds usually hate bright lights, so the idea here is to install reflective surfaces that will repel birds from approaching that area. Install reflective surfaces that will irritate the pigeons and keep them away without harming them at all. 
  3. Install Bird Shock Tapes: Another way of removing pigeons from your office windows is by installing bird shock tape. This one is a cruel way of keeping these innocent flying creatures away because the moment the pigeons touch these, it gives them a shock to make them fly away. 
  4. Install Anti-Bird Spikes: How to get rid of pigeons on the roof of your office? We recommend you install anti-bird spikes. These are pointed spikes made of polycarbonate plastic, which are not easy to detect and still keep the birds away by hurting them the moment they try to sit on them. It is one of the safest ways of keeping the birds away from windows without spoiling the look of your commercial building. 
  5. Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers: If your budget allows and you aim for an efficient way of getting rid of birds from your office windows, then get the motion-activated sprinklers. Install these sprinklers at the windows or regions most frequently visited by the pigeons. These sprinkle out water, as soon as they detect bird motion and shoo away the birds without harming them. 
  6. Install Bird Netting: The best comes at the last. If none of the above-mentioned ways of how to get rid of pigeons work out for you at your office, consider bird netting services. It is by far the most effective and cruelty-free method of removing birds like pigeons from your office windows, roofs, and balconies.


HiCareIndia’s leading digital hygiene and pest management company, has a brilliant solution for your office window pigeon protection. The company offers comprehensive bird netting services to prevent bird intrusion. Not just for pigeons, at HiCare you can choose bird nets for different types of birds that keep perching at your office windows.

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