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15 Signs of Pest Infestation at Your Food Processing Unit

HiCare    November 09, 2022   |   Wednesday

Planet earth is not just a home to us human beings, but it is also a home for countless organisms. Different organisms live in different places, but some tend to occupy places where we live or work. Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about pest infestation.

Cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, wood borers, mosquitoes, and ants, are to name a few common pests found in residential and commercial spaces. Their size may often be misleading, but they do possess great potential to pose a health hazard to human beings. 

Curious to know how can pests be controlled? We suggest you first get acquainted with the common signs of pest infestation in food premises. It is only possible to control pests once you detect their presence at your premise.

In this post, we aim to enlighten you with not just 15 signs of pest infestation at your food processing unit, but also help you identify the most common food pests too. 

15 Signs of Pest Infestation at Food Processing Units

Pest infestation at commercial spaces like food processing units, if not controlled within time may lead to diseases and might destroy your entire business. 

Listed below are the top 15 signs of pest infestation at food factories:

  1. Tear or Hole Marks on Food Packaging: The most common sign to detect pests at a food manufacturing unit is when you find holes in food packaging. These torn food packets indicate rodent or rat infestation at your food factory.
  2. Gnawing Marks on Tools and Furniture: Second common sign of pest infestation at a food processing unit is when you see gnawing marks on your tools and furniture. These are evident signs of some pests like rats hiding in your food factory. 
  3. Smudge or Greasy Marks on Walls and Tables: Your food manufacturing unit has already fallen prey to insect infestation if you notice some smudge or greasy marks on tables, walls, and floors. These are signs of pests hiding in your factory. 
  4. Scattered Pest Droppings: Do consider pest infestation control if you notice scattered pest droppings in your food factory. Places where pests like cockroaches, rats, etc. hide do show signs like scattered droppings of these pests. 
  5. Scattered Insect Skins or Wings: Food attracts all types of pests like rodents, flies, cockroaches, and bugs. If you are running a food processing unit, make sure to look for signs like scattered insect wings or skins. As soon as you notice these pest infestation signs, hire an expert for commercial pest control services. 
  6. Insect Eggs or Larvae Around Food Packets: Sometimes, you don’t need much to detect signs of pests hiding in your food manufacturing unit. You will see them live in front of your eyes. Some of the food packets will show you live larvae or insect eggs, which are not to be taken lightly. 
  7. Dead Insects Around Food Packages: Quite contrary to the above hint, you may find dead insects around food packages. These clearly indicate that your food processing unit is infested by pests. 
  8. Streaks and Tail-marks of Pests: Watch out for tail marks and streaks of pests like cockroaches, rats, bugs, and spiders. Most of the time, the common pests found in food factories leave behind an evident trail. These trails can help you understand that your factory is infested by pests. 
  9. Foul or Musty Odors: Still looking for clear signals to declare that your food factory is infested by pests? Don’t just look, sometimes you need to smell too. If you notice some foul or musty rotten smell in your factory, take it as a red alert for pest infestation. 
  10. Knocked Down Trash Bins: Every food factory has a trash bin, where spilled products are disposed of. So, if you notice knocked down trash bins quite frequently at your factory, take it as a clear indication of pests like rodent infestation in your food manufacturing unit. 
  11. Fabric Damage in the Premise: At times, you may also notice some fabric damage in your food factory. Like holes in curtains or other table mats. These are not ordinary holes, but the damage done by pests like rats who are hunting for food in your commercial space. 
  12. Mounds and Mud Tubes: Another evidence of pest infestation in your food-producing unit is when you see mud tubes or mounds at different corners. These are dug by pests who dig hideouts inside your factory and should be taken as clear signs of pest infestation.
  13. Live Rats Running: All your doubts about what is infestation will vanish the moment you will see a live-running rat in your food factory. It will be evident that your factory is a hangout space for pests like rodents that need to be controlled through some types of pest control services.
  14. Insect Webs Detected: Another vivid sign of pest infestation at your food processing unit is when you notice insect webs at different corners and roofs of your unit. Pests like spiders and moths usually build weave webs to protect themselves in such commercial premises. 
  15. Wooden Powder or Dust Around Shelves: Noticing wooden powder or dust around your shelves? Then, your food factory is most likely infested with pests like termites or wood borers.


What to do when you notice any of the above-mentioned signs of pest infestation at your food processing factory? Hire commercial pest control services from HiCare, India’s leading digital hygiene and pest control solution provider. The hygiene experts of HiCare use active measures to deal with all types of seasonal pests that infest your food factory. Choose HiCare, the company with a legacy of 29 years in pest control for customized and safe pest solutions for cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. 

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