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How to Keep the Birds Away from Commercial Properties Without Harming Them?

HiCare    December 30, 2022   |   Friday

One is elated to hear a cuckoo’s melodious voice in the morning, but that is now a rare scenario. What we get these days is the disturbing perching of birds around our commercial complexes. Neither the sound, nor the sight is pretty, and one looks for ways to get rid of the birds from the property. 

More and more commercial space owners these days are opting for bird netting services because they find these nets to be less harmful and very effective in repelling the birds. But are there other methods too that can be tried to keep the birds away from your property without harming them?

So, in this article, we are going to share with you some interesting and effective methods of bird pest control for commercial properties.

Why are Birds Dangerous for Your Commercial Property?

Before we jump onto discussing the ways to keep the birds away from your commercial properties, we want you to know why do so. So, here are the top reasons why every business owner must look for a perfect bird control method:

  1. Property Damage: The prime reason to not take birds lightly is that they may damage your property with their infectious droppings, wings, and food. They might also break the window glasses with their beaks and damage the solar panels or other such devices installed on your commercial terrace. 
  2. Chances of Slip and Falls: Another danger that birds may pose to your business is by enhancing chances of slip and falls on bird droppings. If you allow birds to nest on  your property, there will be bird droppings scattered on the pavements and parking lots. All these droppings may lead to slip and fall accidents. 
  3. Chances of Infections: You might not know but birds knowingly or unknowingly are the carrier of various pathogens. So, with birds nestling around your premise, there are higher chances of you and your employees suffering from some bacterial or viral infections passed on by the pathogens carried by these birds.
  4. Hampers Productivity: With constant perching and noises, birds can disturb your employees. As a result, you may suffer a business loss due to the hampered productivity of your employees. So, there is an ardent need for commercial bird pest control to prevent chances of work productivity getting hampered by these disturbing birds. 
  5. Spoils the Impression: Not just leading to property damage, birds if not controlled at the right time around your commercial property will spoil your business impression. How? By dropping their shit on the vehicles parked around your office and on the building itself. 


Ways to Keep the Birds Away from Commercial Properties

So, let us now have a look at the best bird pest management for commercial properties. The following ways will help you repel birds from your workplace without harming them:

  1. Use Audio Bird Deterrents: You might find it a little funny but an amusing yet effective way of repelling birds away from a property is by using sounds that scare them. For this, you can use the sounds of their predators or scary sounds that will help keep the birds away from your property. Keep the volume of such audio bird deterrents within a range that doesn’t disturb you or your employees. 
  2. Try Bird Spikes: One of the most popular ways of bird control these days is installing bird spikes. These are long needle-like structures that are arranged in a rope-like device. Birds hate these spikes and feel uncomfortable sitting there. 
  3. Bird Netting Installation: Whether you agree with it or not, anti-bird netting is an exceptional and effective way of getting birds from both residential and commercial spaces. It is an easy-to-install and completely humane method to keep the birds away from your premise. 
  4. Use Reflective Materials: Do you know that the easiest way to scare away the birds is by using reflective surfaces or materials? Use shining propellers or flash tapes to discourage the birds from coming anywhere near your property. Hanging shiny objects near your office windows and balconies is also a superb way of frightening the birds. 
  5. Try Gel Deterrents: You may try repelling birds safely from your commercial premises using gel deterrents. These gel deterrents frighten the birds with their shape, smell, and touch. Also known as, the optical gel, these deterrents are environmentally-friendly and effective to discourage birds from nestling and flocking around your premise.


Benefits of Bird Proof Netting

You have just been told that one of the best ways to keep the birds away from your commercial properties without harming them is bird control netting. It is time to understand the various advantages of installing an anti-bird net at a commercial property. Have a look:

  1. Durable: The first main benefit of using an anti-bird net for a property is that it is highly durable. These nets once installed with the help of experienced professionals will go a long way in all types of seasons. 
  2. Efficient: Bird netting is an efficient way of getting off the bird nuisance from your commercial space. It is an eco-friendly and very effective way of saving your property from getting ruined by birds dropping and nests. 
  3. Affordable: On top of it, one must be encouraged to install bird netting for your official space because it is very affordable. Bird netting price is quite affordable, and one can cut down the cost by choosing the minimum size and length required for such nets. 
  4. Humane Method: Unlike other methods of bird control, bird netting is a completely humane method of preventing birds from commercial property. So, you will not have any guilt after installing a bird net. 
  5. Easy to Avail: For instance, if you live in a city like Mumbai, all you need is to search online for bird netting services in Mumbai and you will get a list of all the top bird netting providers near you. Make sure to choose the best bird netting service after checking certain factors like the bird netting price, the material of the net, and its color. 


Do you feel that nothing is better than installing an anti-bird net to keep the birds away from your property? Then, consider booking bird-net services from HiCare for your commercial spaces. The company with an eminent presence in more than 30 Indian cities happily offers all kinds of commercial pest control services and professional cleaning services

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