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How to Retain Your Tenants with a Termite Pest Control

HiCare    February 10, 2023   |   Friday

Owning a rental property is a matter of great relief because it is a constant source of a second income. So, one thing is clear, that as a landlord of one such rental property, you will never want your tenants to flee away annoyed by something like termites. Will you?

Unfortunately, no tenant will like to stay for long in a property with a termite infestation where a landlord doesn’t arrange for an effective termite treatment. Termites, if not treated on time, can slowly eat up the whole property, and furniture. These pests can even spread allergies by spreading their spores in the air.

No one wants to take such big risks living in a house with termites, and as a result, tenants often leave such a rental house that misses a regular anti-termite treatment. This decision on part of the tenants leaves the landlord with a big loss of rental income.

So, let us read all about how landlords can retain their tenants by termite-proofing their rental property and whom should they trust for the best termite management?

Who is Responsible for a Termite Control in a Rental Property?

Before we share some useful landlord tips to retain tenants with a termite solution, we want to discuss something more important. Who is responsible for termite control in a rental property – the landlord or the tenant?

Experts believe that the landlord must ensure termite pest control in a rental property. But, at the same time, tenants hold equal responsibility to prevent termites from entering the premises with preventive measures. Both the parties should focus on termite preventive measures. 

Why book professional termite pest control services for a rental property? Is this the big question troubling you right now? We understand because no one likes to pay for such a treatment. 

So, have a look at the main advantages of a rental property termite pest control for a landlord.

Top 5 Benefits of a Professional Termite Pest Control for a Rental Property

1. Saves Money

Spending money on pest control treatments such as termite control helps save you money in the long run. How? You will save money that will otherwise go wasted on repairing the damages done in a pest-infested house. Moreover, your tenants will continue to stay there paying you great rent. 

2. Safeguards Your Tenants

As we just mentioned, your tenants will happily continue to stay in your rental house if it is free of pests like termites. A termite-free home will make them feel safe inside your home. They will like staying there with their pets and children without any worries of termite-related allergies and infections.

3. Minimizes the Risk of Termite-Related Diseases

Although not too serious, termites can spread diseases. Termite spores when spread in the air can lead to respiratory allergies, and can turn out to be serious for asthma patients. Why let your tenants live in such a risky house when you, as a landlord can ensure their safety with a timely commercial termite pest control treatment?

4. Protects Your Rental Property

Needless to say, with a professional termite pest control treatment, you can protect your rental house. Pests such as termites, rats, and wood borers can damage your house structure, electrical fittings, and appliances. With regular pest control treatment, you can protect your rental property and make way for happy tenants. 

5. Better than DIY Termite Control

Whether you agree or not, a professional approach is always better than a DIY trick, especially, when it is a thing as serious as termite control. If your tenants are fed up with the termites infesting your property, then make sure to help them with professional termite control from an experienced pest control company instead of trying any DIY trick. 

Let’s now start our main discussion, how can landlords retain tenants with professional termite pest control. Here are some of the essential tips for landlords to keep their tenants happy with termite pest control.

5 Best Tips for Landlords to Retain Tenants with Termite Proofing

1. Spread a Word of Awareness

The first thing to do when trying to retain tenants in your rental property amidst termite infestation is to acquaint them with the existing problem. Educating the tenants about the existing termite problem will give more scope to preventing them with more alertness. In this way, the tenants will also put in their efforts to prevent termites. 

2. Prevent Termite Breeding

You can retain your tenants who are about to leave your property due to termite infestation by putting a tab on termite breeding. For this, ensure proper air ventilation inside the property. Every attempt should be made to reduce the elements that termites look for breeding inside the house. Keeping all this in check will help prevent termite breeding in your rental property. 

3. Repair Water Leakages

Termites are fond of wood and water. They usually infest a property if they find a combo of both in the form of damp wood or water leakage. So, we recommend all landlords to pay attention to water leakage issues and get the repairs done on time before this leaking water invites termites to their property.

4. Limits the Termite Entry

Another useful tip to maintain a termite-free rental property is by being more vigilant during its construction. Try not to have walls against gardens, because the dampness of the garden will promote termite infestation on your property. Also, ensure the sealing of the holes and cracks in the foundation or walls of the property to limit the entry of termites.

5. Protect the Wooden Structure from Termites

You, as a landlord can protect your rental property from termites by using termite killer chemicals, or termite-resistant materials, especially in wooden structures during renovations and constructions. Get all the wooden structures in the property treated with a termite-proof chemical to avoid this kind of pest infestation.


Do you own a rental property? We bet you won’t like to risk your rental income due to termite infestation, will you? Then, don’t think twice before booking a professional termite pest control treatment for your rental property. As a landlord, investing in a termite treatment at home will be an investment. Money spent for such pest control treatments will help prevent the loss of your rental income due to unhappy tenants who deny living in your termite-infested property.

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