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10 Winter Pests to Look Out for at Workplace

HiCare    February 10, 2023   |   Friday

The idea of winter pest-proofing is an emerging trend both for residential and commercial properties these days. Cold weather is no guarantee that insects will stay away from your abodes and workplaces. Nowadays, more and more business owners are alert about keeping their workplaces and offices pest-free in all seasons.  

So, what makes it important to book the best commercial pest control service in winter? The possibility of different types of winter pests infesting your workplace is the main reason to book a commercial pest control service at the onset of the winter season. 

Unlike the common belief that pests rest in winter, some peculiar pests are found active in searching for a hideout in this cold season. We are going to disclose the name of 10 winter pests that are commonly found infesting workplaces. 

In this post, we will also acquaint you with the various winter pest control benefits. 

Benefits of Pest Control in Winter

To begin with, we will enlighten you with the main reasons to book pest control in winter. For this, please have a look at the various benefits of winter pest control at a commercial place:

  1. Saves the Business Reputation
  2. Prevents Pest Damage
  3. Saves Money
  4. Saves Time
  5. Saves Efforts
  6. Increases Employee Productivity
  7. Complete Peace of Mind

10 Winter Pests Found at Commercial Spaces

So, it is now time for you to take a look at the common pests found in winter in commercial spaces:

  1. Rodents: The number one pest found in a hail and hearty condition is a mouse or rat. These rodents are out seeking shelter with ample amounts of food nearby and warmth in winter. Make sure to cover your air vents, and store food in airtight containers if you are running a restaurant to keep it safe from rodents. Go for professional rodent pest control for your office without much delay. 
  2. Birds and Bats: If you are running a factory with a chimney, make sure to seal the chimney cap to prevent the infestation of birds and bats. Winter season is one common season when you will see all types of birds and bats infesting and nesting at residential and commercial premises. 
  3. Bed Bugs: The hotel industry can suffer a severe setback during the holiday season due to bed bug infestation, which is a common winter problem in many places around the world. A bed bug commercial pest control treatment can be the only option for you to keep your hotel, hospital, and other commercial property bug-free in winter. 
  4. Ladybugs: Winter is also the season when many workplaces get infested by ladybugs. Also known as the Asian Lady Beetle, these bugs are found damaging the furnishing businesses, where there is a lot of cloth and furniture. The best signs to detect ladybugs is the presence of blood stains and foul smell inside the premises.
  5. Cluster Fly: Another common pest found in winter, especially at the food factories and units is cluster fly. They are found infesting commercial spaces in huge swarms to search for warmth. They won’t harm you but can contaminate your products and cause you severe damage. 
  6. German Cockroaches: Cockroaches, especially the German breed is found extremely active during cold weather. These species look for water and food irrespective of the season and continue to infest different types of premises for these reasons. You can detect and remove them from your warehouses and manufacturing units with a cockroach pest control treatment. 
  7. Moths: When talking about common winter pests to infest workplaces, we can’t ignore talking about the moths. These pests get attracted to furniture, fur, wool, and upholstery. Winter is perhaps the season when people start using mothballs to prevent moth infestation at residential and commercial places. 
  8. Silverfish: The next common winter pest that infests our commercial buildings is a silverfish. It is a strange-looking tiny silver insect that hunts for dark, shabby, and damp places to hide in winter. You are most likely to find silverfish infesting clothing, furniture, food materials, cardboard, and books. 
  9. Squirrels: Not to forget that one squeaky pest that infests commercial spaces during the winter season is the common squirrel. This chirpy animal is seen collecting all sorts of items to create a warm nest for itself and its little ones in winter. Make sure to seal the chimneys and seal all the possible entry points to prevent squirrels from making nests there. 
  10. Spiders: The last one on our list of winter pests is the spider. It is a common pest found in winter at commercial warehouses, housing societies, and retail stores. Make sure to declutter your workplace to prevent spider infestation in winter. You may also keep your office lighted because spiders hate to infest places that are bright, and well-lighted. 


We assume having understood the importance of pest control in winter and knowing in detail about the common winter pests, you won’t ignore such a service. Book commercial pest control services from experts like HiCare which offers exceptional pest control and digital solutions for all types of industries and sectors. 

The expert HiCare team knows it all about how to deal with winter pests and how not to allow them to recur at your premise. If you are unhappy with the service, you can also claim your money back, as most of the services offered by HiCare come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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