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What Can You Do To Solve And Avoid A Bed Bug Problem?

HiCare    January 31, 2022   |   Monday

Whenever you travel, make sure to check for signs of bed bugs in your room, which will help you avoid catching any. If you see these signs, ask for a different room or bed bug treatment if you have a long stay. You can also call ahead and request a spray for bed bugs before your arrival.

Measure you can take to eliminate bed bugs at home:

  1. Clean up the areas they reside in. Thoroughly wash all your travel belongings, bed covers, and sofa covers if those get in contact with the travel bags.
  2. Bedbugs can survive for 12 months without any food; hence it is extremely crucial to block any hiding spots. Filling up fractures in the walls and plaster with cement. Glue down peeling wallpaper.

The use of insecticides or pesticides in your home might prove toxic to your health, so it’s important to avoid using local chemicals. Only a professional or a specialist has the required knowledge to carry out the right treatment. 

The most efficient way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a qualified pest control expert. HiCare's Bed Bug Control Service will ensure that your bed bug infestation is eradicated permanently. You will also be given advice and recommendations on keeping them away in the future.

HiCare offers steam treatment that is an effective, non-chemical option to get rid of bed bugs. This method helps in killing bed bugs that are hiding in the deep cracks the steam penetrates into the gaps and kills them. Exposing the bugs for an hour to a temperature over 60 degrees celcius kills all bed bugs rapidly.

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