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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in Your Office

HiCare    February 13, 2023   |   Monday

Pest control is a fast-growing trend that is now not limited to homes but has spread across commercial spaces too. Be it your home or office, no one wants to be sharing stuff with perky pests like bed bugs.

Search online for bed bug pest control near me and you will find various companies claiming to offer the best commercial pest control services. But can one deal with bed bugs without any bed bugs treatment in the office

Let us take a deep look and understand how to deal with bed bugs in your office. We will also throw light on the importance of pest control at a place like your office. 

What are Bed Bugs?

Before talking about effective bed bug control in your office, we want you to know what exactly are these bugs. Bed bugs are tiny wingless brownish insects that are commonly known to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals like human beings. These blood-sucking pests are hardly a quarter-inch long but can be dangerous if infested in your office. 

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Office?

The problem of bed bugs in the office is not as common as seeing other pests like cockroaches and rodents. Moreover; even other pests are easy to detect and some employers and employees fail to detect bed bugs that easily. 

So, we thought it makes sense to help you understand how to identify bed bugs in your office. Have a look:

  1. Bed bug eggs
  2. Live bed bugs
  3. Bloody dark stains on upholstery
  4. Foul and musty odor
  5. Fecal marks
  6. Bed bug shell casings
  7. Bed bug bites

Best Ways of Bed Bug Prevention in Office

Now that you have learned what bed bugs are, and how to detect them in your office; it is time to go a step further. We will now enlighten you with the best ways to deal with bed bugs in your office. So, read on:

  1. Spread Pest Awareness Among Staff: The key to keeping bed bugs away from your office is spreading awareness about them. Arrange for some workshops where some pest control experts talk about how to detect bed bugs and what to do to keep them at bay. All this knowledge will help you to maintain a bed-bug-free office. 
  2. Seal All Cracks and Crevices: Why offer an easy entry point to any type of pest? For this, we suggest you seal all your building cracks and crevices. It will minimize the chances of pest infestation and you can easily keep the danger of bed bugs at bay. 
  3. Declutter Your Office: It is a fact known pests like bed bugs prefer staying and breeding in clumsy spaces. So, the idea here is to declutter your office to snatch every possibility from these bugs to infest and hide in your office. If every staff member inculcates the habit of decluttering the workstation they use, there will be no clutter at all. Besides, try to keep the storerooms and garbage disposal area well-organized to avoid clutter and bugs. 
  4. Regular Vacuuming: Not just decluttering your office, regular vacuuming will play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of bed bug infestation at the office. To ease the tension, you can book regular professional cleaning to vacuum clean the office and keep the risk of bed bugs and other bugs low.
  5. Thorough Inspection When Receiving Shipments and Deliverables: Business owners often ignore this crucial point when it comes to controlling pest infestation at the office. They hardly inspect the shipments and deliverables for pest infestation. Many times, these deliverables become the source of pests like bed bugs get transferred from one place to another. So, check the shipments and other deliverables carefully for any presence of bed bugs. 
  6. Kill Them with Heat or Freeze Them: The two popular methods of bed bug control are hold and cold treatment. You can either kill them with heat or freeze them in unbearable cold temperatures. Consult an experienced pest control service provider for which would be the most suitable bed bug treatment for your office out of these two.
  7. Book Bed Bug Pest Control for Office: The last and safest method to deal with bed bugs is to opt for commercial bed bug removal with the help of an experienced pest control company. A bed bug pest control service is usually booked by hotel and hospital owners, but if you detect them in your office, do not delay!


In a nutshell, you just learned some excellent ways of dealing with bed bugs in your office. But as we mentioned earlier, the best and safest way to keep these bed-infesting pests away is by hiring professionals. So, consider booking a commercial bed bug treatment for your office from HiCare. 

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