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How to Keep Your Business Safe from Bed Bugs

HiCare    February 13, 2023   |   Monday

Neither the employees nor the clients want to associate with a pest-infested business. So, it is a must for a business owner to consider pest control at regular intervals. Sighting pests like bed bugs can be a real nightmare for any employer. More so, because, unlike other pests, bed bugs are often hard to detect at first sight. 

But this doesn’t mean you can ignore bed bugs and let them double up in your office. An effective bed bug treatment might then seem to be the only possible way to rescue your business from the potential damage that you might incur due to a bed bug infestation. 

Through this post, we aim to help you understand how to keep your business safe from bed bugs. For this, we are going to share some tips to detect bed bugs at the office and some useful pest control for office tips specially to deal with bed bugs. 

How to Detect Bed Bugs at Workplace?

Whether you do it yourself or book a commercial pest control service for that; the first step to removing bed bugs from the workplace is through detection. Not many people are aware of how to catch the early signs of bed bugs at business. 

So, we thought of sharing the best ways to detect bed bugs at the workplace:

  • Experiencing a strong musty smell
  • Seeing bed bug skin on the floor
  • Detecting red or dark brownish fecal stains on upholstery items
  • Detecting white sticky eggs
  • Employees complaining about skin allergies

Where to Look for Bed Bugs in the Office?

Now that you have got an idea about the common signs of a bed bug infestation at the office. We want you to proceed with where to exactly look for these bugs in the office. Check these most vulnerable spots that can be home to these bugs:

  • Office chairs and furniture
  • Electrical panels
  • Office stationery room 
  • Files and cabinets
  • Office restrooms
  • Carpets and wooden flooring
  • Cracks in the walls and floors

How to Protect Business from Bed Bugs?

Bed bug prevention might sound tricky but it is not a tough task if you execute it with proper planning. Why take chances of suffering business loss due to bed bug presence? When you can easily protect your business from bed bugs with the following bed bug control measures:

  1. Regular Bed Bug Inspection is a Must: The key to protecting your business from bed bugs is a regular inspection of the premise. Do not take these tiny bugs lightly, as they might spread in clusters across your entire premise if not treated on time. For a bed bug treatment, you first need to inspect and detect their presence. 
  2. Ensure Proper Cleaning: No matter whether you have detected bed bugs or not in your office, you must ensure proper professional cleaning at regular intervals, if not at all times. Pests like hiding and breeding in untidy surroundings, so maintaining a clean office means minimizing the chances of a bed bug or other pest infestation at your commercial premise. 
  3. Remove Clutter from the Office: Want to ensure that you offer a pest-free office to your employees? One that doesn’t have bed bugs to damage your products and make your employees sick? Then, teach them to remove the clutter from their respective workstations. Do so in your cabin too. Pests usually infest cluttered areas, because they make up for easy hideouts. 
  4. Train Your Staff with Pest Control Tips: Another effective measure for bed bug control at business is by training the staff with pest control essential tips. Like how to detect pests like bed bugs, what to do after detecting these pests, and how to prevent their recurrence in the future.
  5. Try Not to Use Used Products: Talking further about how to prevent bed bugs in the office, you must make sure to avoid using used products. Bed bugs are most likely to spread and infest used items like office chairs, carpets, curtains, and upholstery. So, if you want to keep your business safe against any kind of bed bug infestation, invest in new products.
  6. Disposing of Infested Objects: What if you detect bed bugs in some products stored in your office? The best way here to prevent further infestation is to dispose of that bed bug-infested product. Disposing of such products is not a loss, but the money saved by preventing further damage to your office and its belongings.
  7. Book a Bed Bug Pest Control Service: If you are one of those, who don’t want to stress too much to maintain a bed bug-free office, then the best option is to leave the task to professionals. Book a bed bug pest control treatment from a reputed pest control company. These professionals will offer a doorstep service, wherein, they will detect, treat, and prevent bed bugs from your commercial space using safe chemicals and technologies. 


In a nutshell, you just learned about how bed bugs can damage your business and what you can do to save it. We strongly suggest you take bed bugs seriously and for this booking a bed bug pest control treatment from an experienced company like HiCare makes complete sense. 

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