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Why It’s Important to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Hospital

HiCare    February 14, 2023   |   Tuesday

As we spread our wings into this urban world, we are also experiencing different kinds of ailments – at the cost of all the advancement! To meet our health emergencies, we have several hospitals in the cities. But the cities we live in are also inhabited by various organisms, and birds take, for instance, pigeons!

Pigeons, like other birds, look out for a nice shelter with easy availability of food. Perhaps, they often get the mix of both easily around the hospitals and prefer nestling there creating a mess out there. Pigeon infestation at a place like a hospital can be a dangerous affair and needs immediate pigeon control measures in place.

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with the reasons why you must look for pigeon control solutions to keep them away from your hospital.

Why are Pigeons Dangerous for Your Hospital?

Coming straight to the point of discussing the importance of pigeon control in the hospital, we want you to know why these birds are dangerous for your healthcare facility. So, have a look at the risks associated with pigeon infestation around your hospital:

  1. May Infect Patients with Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral Infections: The first main reason to consider pigeon pest control solutions for your hospital is to minimize infection caused by pigeon droppings to the patients. Those admitted to healthcare facilities are generally people with weak immunity and are most likely to catch infections spread by pathogens carried by these birds.
  2. Spoils the Property and Its Look: Nestling of birds like pigeons can spoil the entire look and cleanliness of your hospital premise. Those running hospitals need to provide some parking space for patients and staff. Just imagine seeing such parking and pavements outside the hospital being spoiled by pigeon droppings, and leading to slips and falls. Moreover, these droppings will give a nasty look to your healthcare unit.
  3. Damages Business Reputation: Why let your competitors in the healthcare industry take advantage of you due to pigeon infestation? It will take hardly any time for your competitors to bad mouth your hospital facility if they detect birds like pigeons nesting around or outside your hospital.
  4. Breaks Trust of Patients: Not just for the sake of your business reputation, you also need to look for proper bird control solutions for your hospital to maintain that trust in your patients and clients. No one will look to get treatment in a bird-infested hospital. They won’t mind spending more but for a neat and pest-free hospital, without any disturbance of birds like pigeons.
  5. May Violate Standard Guidelines Set for Health Care Audits: In some cases, hospital owners who ignore effective bird control might fail to adhere to the standard guidelines meant to pass health care audits. So, you must opt for a regular pigeon pest control service to meet such standard guidelines if pigeon infestation is a regular problem around your commercial premise.

Best Ways of Pigeon Control for Hospitals

Check out the best bird control methods for commercial spaces like hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics:

  1. Bird Gel Deterrents: It is a bit painful method to repel birds from a premise because once the birds stick to these sticky gels, they will find it hard to free up themselves. 
  2. Bird Spikes: You can succeed in preventing birds like pigeons from nesting on your hospital roof, window, and balcony by installing sharp-pointed bird spikes. 
  3. Laser Bird Deterrents: These act as reflectors to repel birds away from hospital premises. The laser light will temporarily blind the pigeons and prevent them from arriving anywhere near your premise. 
  4. Bioacoustics Systems: These are sound systems playing predator sounds or distress calls to scare away these flying species. It is a perfect option to make your hospital a no-flying zone. 
  5. Bird Netting Services: How about installing a physical barrier like an anti-bird net outside your hospital to shoo away these birds? These nets are highly durable to withstand all seasons and prevent pigeons from perching or nestling at your premise. 

 What to Consider Before Booking Pigeon Control Services

Pigeon pest control in health care units is the ultimate way to keep your premises bird-free, and patients safe from any kind of infection passed on by these birds. However, before booking such pest control services you must consider the following factors:

  1. Experience: Do not hire inexperienced bird control service providers if you are looking for perfect pigeon control for your healthcare facility. 
  2. Skills: With experience comes the skills to deal with bird nuisances outside your premise and for this reason we recommend you check the skills of the pest control company you hire for pigeon control. 
  3. Bird Control Method: The third key thing to consider when booking a bird control service is the type of treatment offered by the company. Choose an apt bird control method that is perfect to deal with birds like pigeons such as anti-bird netting. 
  4. Effectiveness: While choosing a bird control solution for your hospital make sure to check its effectiveness. A specific type of bird control method may suit a warehouse, but may not work well for a health care unit. So, check the effectiveness while opting for a suitable pigeon control treatment.
  5. Cost: Not to forget that costing of a bird control treatment will be a deciding factor in many cases. But do not compromise the quality to save some pennies. Go for quality rather than cost when booking a pigeon control service.


Consider booking bird netting services from HiCare for perfect pigeon pest control around your hospital. The company with over 28 years of experience in pest control offers all kinds of residential as well as commercial pest control services at pocket-friendly pricing.

HiCare offers special anti-bird nets for pigeon control in commercial spaces in colors like black and white. The trained team of professionals will offer a doorstep service installing the net skillfully to repel pigeons and other birds away from your hospital premise in a 100% humane way.




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