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How Termites Can Impact Your Commercial Business

HiCare    February 14, 2023   |   Tuesday

People in many places tend to book termite pest control treatments during the spring or summer season because these are the times when these pests are very active. When infested at a property, termites can be really dangerous. Although the risk of diseases is minimal with a termite infestation, these wood-eating pests can have a great negative impact on your commercial business. 

Do you know that termites cause approximately a loss of 20 billion dollars globally? This figure in itself shows the impact of termites on businesses. It does make sense for business owners to consider commercial pest control to get rid of termites. 

In this post, we aim to elaborate on why there is an ardent need to book a termite treatment if you detect termites in your commercial property. So, read on to learn all the dangers associated with termites and how to deal with them effectively.

Reasons for Termite Infestation at Commercial Properties

Everything happens for a reason, we can say this at least, when we are talking about termite infestation. So, what are the reasons that invite termites to your property? Once, you are aware of these reasons for a termite infestation, it will be easy to work on them to prevent these species from destroying your property. Isn’t it? 

Here are all the possible reasons that may lead to a termite infestation in a commercial space:

  1. Water leakage
  2. Poor airflow or ventilation
  3. Damaged roof tiles
  4. Lack of inspection
  5. Local climate
  6. Lack of Cleanliness
  7. Improper drainage system
  8. Gaps in the building foundation
  9. Damp furniture or wooden structure
  10. Unmaintained garden or landscape


Signs to Detect Termites in Office

Having read about the common reasons for a termite infestation at a property, it is now time to learn how to detect these wood-feasting pests. So, here are some common signs of a termite infestation:

  1. Mud tubes
  2. Live termites
  3. Termite wings
  4. Termite swarmer
  5. Hollow wooden structures and furniture
  6. Foul smell at some corners
  7. Pin holes or cracking of the wallpaper or wall paint
  8. Stuck doors or windows
  9. Termite droppings
  10. Termite eggs


Potential Damages Caused by Termites to Businesses

To understand the importance of pest control against termites at a business, you must first understand the damages these tiny pests can cause you. So, here is a list of potential dangers posed by termites for commercial businesses:

  1. Structural and Property Damage: The worst damage that termites can cause to a business is property or structural damage. They can hollow up a business by eating up the shelves, cabinets, furniture, important files, and almost everything made of something organic. 
  2. Ruins the Business Image: Imagine running a business with a termite infestation. These termites won’t let you run your business, but ruin it! A commercial property infested by termites will lead to a bad image for the clients. They would prefer to deal with your competitors and not you. If you delay booking a termite treatment for your office, you will lose your existing customers and fail to make new ones!
  3. Unhappy and Dissatisfied Employees: This point is often ignored but it does make sense! Not even your employees would love to work for you in a termite-infested workplace. They will feel insecure and hate to work with termites around. What can you expect from such dissatisfied employees? As a result, their productivity will drop tremendously.
  4. Failing in Standard Audits: Chances are high that if you are running a food manufacturing factory or a pharmaceutical unit, you will fail to pass the audit if you have termites out there! Yes, pest control is a mandatory standard to pass to get a clearance in such audits, especially for food and medicine-related units.
  5. Wastes Time: Termites are a serious threat to any business as they will lead to a lot of waste of time. Your productive time might go wasted in detecting and treating termites. Time will also get wasted in repairing the damage brought on to your business facility by termites. 
  6. Wastes Money: Lastly, do not forget that termite infestation at a commercial property brings along a lot of monetary loss. Loss of money in terms of damages caused to the structure, which often needs expensive repairs. There will also be a business loss due to the loss of business deals due to termite-damaged products.

Book Termite Control Services

The best way to deal with termites at a commercial property is by seeking professional help. Book a termite control treatment from an experienced pest control company. You will find several such companies, but make sure to check on certain factors to get the best result. 

The benefits of opting for an anti-termite treatment are that you save your time, and money by leaving this tedious task to the experts. They will use the best methods to control termites without letting them spread further at your premise. The chemicals used by these trained professionals are safe and very effective. In the end, you will get a workplace with no termites to eat up your wood and business!


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Book an anti-termite treatment from HiCare and save your business. The termite treatment cost charged by HiCare is affordable for all types of businesses, like hotels, hospitals, food factories, warehouses, restaurants, or housing societies. 


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